Black stripes on car mirrors.  Why are they?  They can save your life!

Black lines on car mirrors can save your life! You just need to know the information they provide. This knowledge has helped drivers avoid serious accidents more than once. What do these dotted lines mean?

What is the purpose of the black lines on the door mirrors? Protect yourself from a major accident

Lines closest to the outer edge of the mirror separate the aspherical from the spherical. what does that mean? In new cars, you can often find a blind spot monitoring system. This is the area you are in driver He will not see in any of the mirrors. Relevant sensors notify the person driving if another vehicle is in the hidden area. Thanks to this, accidents are avoided when overtaking or overtaking obstacles on the way. The system itself is quite complex and can be expensive to implement.

The cheaper variant features the black stripes mentioned above. Mirror manufacturers have found a cheaper way to monitor blind spots, the so-called aspherical mirrors. Most of the device reflects the image without any distortion and shows the driver what is directly behind it. The smaller piece, separated from the rest of the mirror by the mentioned lines, is the aspheric region. in In this area, the reflection is slightly curved, thanks to which it can see a wider angle that cannot be seen with ordinary mirrors.

Other alternatives to aspherical mirrors. Watching ‘Blind Spot’ for a pittance

A cheaper solution than aspherical mirrors is the device that many driving instructors use. in their own cars Usually you can see small wide angle mirrors. Due to the wide field of view, it is easier for the driver to see what is in the “blind spot”. This device and the small, detachable mirrors that perform the same function can be purchased for very little money. A few zlotys will give you more safety on the road.

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