Tony Rosado apologizes for insulting Estrella Torres: "Tommy Portugal took you back first, I hope you are not like Melissa Parades" |  Frandula |  Performances

It was violated. They celebrated their birthday there. The singers warmly welcomed each other after the end of their seven-year relationship, although they could not avoid being trolled by Tony Rosado at the celebration.

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In pictures posted on TikTok, Estrellita and her ex dance and share at the same table, showing that they are friendly. However, their friend, faithful to the form, reminded them of their love.

“Don’t cry for her anymore, send her to Khan …”, Can be seen saying what he says in the presence of the audience. However, he later apologized to Estrella Torres for his strong qualifications.

Tony Rosado apologizes

“It simply came to our notice then Tommy turned to you first, and now you’ve taken your boyfriend, your husband, your husband, I don’t know, but I agree So I ask you Sorry for insulting you, I hope you will not do it like MelissaSaid the controversial Tony Rosado.

Star Torres He explained that it was a joke that excited the public. “Leaving aside the jokes, Tommy is a person I really admire. My paw, yes or no? My little reason, is to watch the hug.”Says before approaching the singer.

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In that sense, he promised that everything would be a part of the show, but he was very affectionate towards his ex. “My respects to Tommy, I love them so much, to his daughter Susan, they are so special to me And the Music Brothers too. This day has been set aside to enjoy and laugh for a while, I’m very normal. “Said before starting the song.

At another point, Tony Rosado trolls Tommy Portugal and suggests Estrella return with Torres. “Tommy I love you, you’re an idiot if you do not return to her”, He said the form is true.

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