team captain.  Behind the scenes of the storm about Robert Lewandowski

Only Robert Lewandowski’s naive statement convinced. As a result, instead of putting out the fire around the team, the captain added gasoline to the fire. The fire, which ineffectively tried to extinguish the Polish Football Association and the people around our star, caught fire. In the background, instead of playing football with Hungary, there was an Amazon Prime documentary and a “session” of France Football.

it is Monday. Under normal circumstances, Robert Lewandowski, along with the rest of the squad, should prepare for the evening match at PGE Narodowy. In the meantime, he was doing fast sprints from the side of the field, and the appearance of the Bayern Munich star in training alongside Legia Warsaw was a surprise to the rest of the players.

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The announcement of the resignation of “Leoy’s” services was issued a day earlier by the Polish Football Association:

From October 9, Robert played 849 minutes, and in the whole season already 1438. The intensity is very high. The chosen one decided with the player that the time was right for Lewandowski to rest – The information was revealed after the striker returned from the birthday of billionaire Rafai Brzoska.

On Sunday morning, no one knew if Lewandowski would appear in the match as a spectator, let alone sit with his friends on the bench as a support. Earlier it was proved that since we won with Andorra, there is no need to throw the biggest force on the Hungarians. After all, the National Castle has already repelled so many enemies in eight years that there will be no problem with the Hungarians deprived of the opportunity to upgrade.

Paulo Sousa, Robert Lewandowski and the Polish Football Association were wrong. Communications between these major authorities were and still are disastrous. Today we know that everyone – in the maze of translations after failing and not breaking up – doesn’t want to tell the whole truth.

The Portuguese was beaten because he decided to expel the captain. On the other hand, the captain made a communication thread that only hurt him, because social media subtitles were mocked about resting in the second most difficult match. PZPN? Little did he know before the star’s hiatus was announced that it would be Monday.

Everyone was deeply immersed in the decision that it was worth going to the Hungarians for a party. After winning 4:1 in Andorra, we were sure of the playoffs. placement? It is a formality. This is why Łączy Nas Football has released a message that Lewandowski and Kamil Celik will rest on the centenary of the first internation game played by Biao Zeronic.

Then did anyone express his indignation? single voices. However, after the disaster, which halted the eight-year dominance in Warsaw, everyone woke up, and as the days went by, the phones between Lewandowski’s PR staff and the football headquarters turned out to be on fire.

First, though, there were Souza’s twisted explanations at a press conference of why Lewandowski for the first time in his thirteen-year career decided to give up EL. World Championships or European Championships. The Portuguese answered reporters’ questions because he decided there was no point in mitigating responsibility anyway. But when you look behind the scenes, it’s unfair to the coach. In the end, he was the only one who decided not to shirk responsibility for Lewandowski’s absence on the field, since the remaining reaction could already be considered to be in emergency mode.

Over time, the culprits of the defeat to Hungary began to be pointed out in a wider circle of Sousa and Tymoteusz Puchacz’s kicks, along with PR twists – an attempt to focus and shift the responsibility to the Portuguese, who probably wouldn’t have anything to do with Polish football in the meantime. few months.

On Tuesday, the backstage of the match on Łączy Nas Ball channel was a turn-off. There were complaints about why the Polish Football Association presented Robert in a bad light. Then a conversation took place with the chief, Cesare Colisa, and all this led to the birth of a monster in communication.

When Lewandowski noted the uproar on Wednesday night, the rest of the squad was already at their clubs. Before Hungary, a large group of them joked about who would take over the nines after the captain: “You take a number and choose which match you want to play in March”. This is the best comment from the rest of the group on the joint decisions of the general manager and the captain. Today, both of them would probably regret that they distributed their forces in such a way to this gathering.

Not only did the players hate Lewandowski’s rest in an important match, they also hated what was going on around that rest. The rest were sitting in barracks at the Double Tree by Hilton. Meanwhile, their leader was there, but not with them. Monday came the run. He also appeared in the devil – and here again the surprise of some players – and then on the bench in front of him, a France Football photographer admitted to taking pictures of him. The French showed their presence at the last minute, but they worked under privileged conditions.

Earlier on Monday, the forward traveled around Mazovia and added scenes to a documentary about his career with Amazon Prime, scheduled for release next year. Let the struggle for the World Cup not write a sad scenario.

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