Taylor Brace Ligon passed away.  The famous TikToker died of a heart attack at the age of 33

The internet maker, known online as Waffler69, died in hospital of a heart attack, his brother announced on TikTok. The tiktoker account has been followed by nearly 2 million viewers.

Taylor Brice LeJeune, as his real name was an influencer, posted his last TikTok video on January 11th. On the same day, he was hospitalized in Louisiana. He died an hour after arriving at the facility. Earlier, he called his mother complaining that she is not feeling well.

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The brother of the deceased narrated this The likely cause of death was a heart attack. TMZ reported that Taylor’s parents and grandfather also suffered from heart problems.

Waffler69 is dead

The popularity of tiktoker on the internet has brought food quizzes, often unhealthy and high in calories. On the recordings, he ate, among other things, sweets and fast food. He loved trying new things and combining different flavours. He did not shy away from unusual and even energetic meals. On his TikTok, you can find recordings of octopus spaghetti, fried locusts, or breakfast cereal from 1991.

Taylor’s brother confirmed that the creator loved making people happy and appealed to his fans to continue watching his films in order to preserve his memory. Waffler69 has gathered on his own TikTok 1.8 million followers.

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