“Get me out of here!”: Rahmane walks out of the camp with his head held high

Unfortunately, dancer Rahmane Belkapiche packed her bags and shouted “Get me out of here!” on Sunday evening. He left the adventure.

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The winner of the third season of “Revolution” was too slow to untangle with his tongue two crosses from a box filled with cockroaches that held his head captive.

A somewhat heartbreaking failure, he admitted in an interview with QMI Agency, but still well received. “The system I chose (100Lux) really made a difference in my life and I would love to give back to them. […] On the other hand, humanly speaking, I felt that I had done what I should have done in this adventure,” he said calmly and gratefully, meaning that he had gained three times what he had lost by leaving the game.

In this elimination challenge he faced Jean-Michel and Andrean. However, the evening started well for his team, the Oranges. The Oranges were able to enjoy a tasty punch bowl at the end of the basket-throwing competition, which was held from a thin platform, thanks to the efforts of François Marquis and Colette Provencher against Marianne St-Gelais and Nathalie Simard. Above a deep valley.

“The effect is good”

Since his release, Rahmane has continued his adventure with “Get Me Out of Here!” Like a kind of pilgrimage, he indulged himself and marveled beyond his physical, mental and social limitations.

“It was amazing to have a generational experience with people like me who were doing zero. […] It was beautiful to see everyone taking care of themselves. I learned about myself. I learned about others. Also, I don’t know anyone. It is the human and best experience of TV after all,” he argued.

During his stay at the Costa Rican camp, Rahmane met Nathalie Simard and Andrean A. Mallet, but he grew particularly close to speed skater and three-time Olympic medalist Marianne St-Gelaois, from whom he learned much. “I love him so much. I saw myself in her in many aspects of the athletes trying to rob this thing to become a little more human,” she said, adding that even in dance, the concern for performance and formality (image, rank, skills) sometimes takes precedence over the human. .

“My experience was really enriching. I saw that the impact was good,” he said.

The young dancer, who loved doing all the challenges except for having to eat insects and special foods, especially appreciated the sense of harmony the show encouraged. “It was beautiful to see people build a family. It doesn’t matter where you come from, whether you have a family or not. The only thing we had was us,” she said during the interview.

“I always wanted to be a pillar in this adventure. In that “cast” I was like the sun. But in life I learned to be my sun before I saw it. In life, family is a blessing. It’s not basic for everyone,” he added.

“Get me out of here!” Leaving that, Rahmane found that he missed his dog, dancing and music very much.

The reality show “Get Me Out of Here!” Airs every Sunday at 6:30 PM on TVA.

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