Ta³ant Duyshebaev has a plan for Vive in LM.  "please tell me"

Handball players, it seems Łomża Vive Kielce After two defeats away from home in the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain 27:32 and Unexpected from FC Porto 27:29, they made their way to the first two places in the group very complicated. They guarantee a direct promotion to the quarter-finals and avoid a 1/8 tie in next year’s finals. – Of course, it is better to avoid the 1/8 finals, because after that you can work both physically and mentally with the team. If you promise me now that we’ll be sixth in the group, we’ll miraculously get out of it, but then we’ll be in the final four, I’m going to blindly go into it – Tałant Dujszebajew told sport.pl before the return leg of the Champions League with Barcelona.

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Duishebayev: Six points will give us first place

Kielce players now have fourteen points after ten rounds, two more points from Paris Saint-Germainand Telecom Veszprem and Barcelona. However, there is no doubt that everything is still in the hands of the team he leads Talanta Duishebayev. This is because the Polish champions will play twice at home in the remaining four matches. In addition to the weaker teams: with Motors Zaporozhye and at the end of the group stage with Dinamo Bucharest. Kelsey Telecom will also face Vesper and Flensburg away from home.

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Even two home wins can ensure Łomża Vive takes first or second place in the group. This is because Paris Saint-Germain, Telecom Visperm I Barcelona They still have matches between them and one of them has to lose points.

– Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have a very good schedule, because they will play against Flennburg and Vesper at home, and they will visit Zaporozhye and Bucharest. Vesprem’s task is much more difficult, because Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain are far away and we and Porto are at home. We have to do everything we can to score six points in four matches, after which we will take first place in the group – says Talant Duishebayev In a conversation with the club’s official website.

How does coach Kelsey see an opportunity in the quarter-finals? – (sigh) Please tell me from which place would be the best ladder? From the start, where Flensburg can wait in the quarter-finals, if he is fifth in our group, then Germany will heal all injuries. Or maybe it is better to take second place and in the quarter-finals, for example, play with Aalborg or thw how. It would probably be better to be in third, to fight in the top “16” with Elverum Handball, but then again THW Kiel, Pick Szeged or Montpellier might wait. There are still a lot of matches left until the end of the group stage and it’s hard to count. We just want to fight for victory in the group – adds Duishebayev.

His team plays its first match of the new year on February 16 against Flensburg, Germany.

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  1. omża Vive 10 14316: 299
  2. PSG 10 12 331: 295
  3. Visprem 10 12316: 288
  4. Barcelona 10 12311: 287
  5. Flensburg 10 9278: 280
  6. Engine 10 8285: 308
  7. Porto 10 7280: 322
  8. Dynamo 10 6293: 331

The matches of the best European Champions League teams in Group A:

  • Łomża Vive Kielce (14 points): Flensburg (departure), Motor Zaporozhye (home), Telekom Veszprem (departure), Dinamo Bukareszt (home),
  • Paris Saint-Germain (12 points): Motor (A), Flensburg (H), Dinamo Bucharest (A), Telekom Visprem (H),
  • Telekom Veszprem (12 points): Porto (at home), Barcelona (away), Omega Vive Kielce (at home), Paris Saint-Germain (away).
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