Nikola Zalewski paid tribute to his beloved.  Who is the girlfriend of the Polish actor?

Nikola Zalewski He is one of the rising stars of the Polish national team football. The 20-year-old athlete was born today in Tivoli, Italy As the son of Krzysztof and Ewa Zalewski, Poles who decided to emigrate from the country in the late 1980s. Nicola developed his football career in sunny Italy – first at the USD Zagarolo school, and later Junior teams in Rome. In 2021, Zalewski made his debut in the first team of the Italian club and to this day he plays for the club Jose Mourinho.

Nicola Zalewski in particular. The representative of Polish football paid tribute to his beloved

anyway Nikola Zalewski He was raised in Italy acting career Associated with the colors white and red. The 20-year-old holds Polish citizenship and does not hide that he is connected to his roots. In 2021, the football player becomes a player of the Polish national team, and also previously played in the youth teams for several years. Zalewski was among the players recruited by Czeslaw Micniewicz for the World Cup in Qatar And the He was the second, after Jacob Kaminsky, The youngest representative of our country at the World Championships.

Nicola Zalewski is of interest not only to football fans. The 20-year-old can boast of huge online popularity and even status The idol of Polish teens. Zalewski’s Instagram profile is followed by the most 788 thousand users, And in the comments below his posts, there is no shortage of words of joy from his fans. The footballer’s latest InstaStory has definitely resulted in some broken women’s hearts…

Post the athlete on InstStories black and white photo of car ride, Where can we see Football player and his girlfriend hold hands. The 20-year-old joined the picture heart symbol pierced by an arrow, Which makes it clear that his sympathy is present in the shot.

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Nikola Zalewski showed his sweetheart. Who is the chosen representative of Poland?

The beloved Nicola Zalewski has already shared a photo he posted on his Instagram profile. It turns out that the heart of the Polish actor was stolen by a certain woman Nicola Luzardi. A woman by profession she’s a dancer – The choreography she recently performed can be seen during subsequent performances by the Italian program participants “Equal Tale”.

Nicole meticulously documents her daily activities, both professional and private. On the Instagram profile of the dancer there is no shortage of reports from her upcoming performances, photos of trips to the city, holidays, as well as photographs in the company of a charming bulldog. Looks like Nikola Zalewski is likable She loves extreme sensations – In May, a woman treated herself to a parachute jump. Luzardi’s Instagram Profile is followed by nearly 65,000 users, and the dancer is also happy Very popular on TikTok More than 17,000 people follow her account.

Since Nicola Zalewski flaunted a photo in the company of his sweetheart on the net, his social media profiles have already gone viral. It was full of comments from the Polish fans of the football player. Although, unfortunately, some bitter words from desperate Zalewski fans appeared under the dancer’s posts, there were also compliments. Interestingly enough, the Polish actor isn’t the first player to steal Nicole Luzardi’s heart. Earlier, the woman also met a Juventus player, Luca Pellegrini.

See how cuddly Nikola Zalewski looks like.

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No hate, but she looks like his mother

Stifler’s mother…

38 minutes ago

She looks like his mom o_o

I found a soccer player again… haha ​​It’s like me, I’m just dating the postman xdd

20 years old? At least after 30

latest comments (108)

Are you sure it’s the woman with the cake downstairs? A bit of trans…

Like our Dżesika Zióek, she only targets football purses

Why are these kind of ladies always there when it comes to soccer players…..? Isn’t there more… pretty natural girls? The world is so lost…

He looks like my 19 year old son. I would collapse if I were his mother ☹️. What a little boy and other things ☹️ I feel sorry for this boy’s mother.

But what about a friend from the league? The boy is young enough to find a less experienced, promiscuous, and self-interested Italian girl

Nicola and Nicole….. wtf?

I haven’t read it, just comments, I bet she’s a model or influencer… something.

Her last pictures scare me. I don’t know what kind of character she is but this monstrous image is brrr

mammal. It sucks money like a good vacuum cleaner.

are you sure? The woman looks like his mother, well done at 45!

God is, again, the same fiancee of each player as in one line of the tape

Is he dating a 40 year old man?

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