Sylvester Stallone reveals ideas for ‘Rocky VII’.  What will the movie be about?
You say “rocky”, Do you think “Sylvester Stallone”. The role of the Philadelphia boxer catapulted the actor out of Hollywood and was the locomotive of his career for years. Unfortunately, everything indicates that due to conflicts with the producer and owner of the rights to the series, Irwin Winkler, Stallone will never play the role of the legendary boxer again. As a consolation, you can read about the star’s plans “Rocky VII”.

“Rocky VII”: What will the movie be about?

Stallone He posted artwork by John Rivoli on Instagram, along with photos of notes with thoughts on his script. As it turned out, in the seventh part, the champion will fight for “the territory that created him and which he still loves.” Baloy will face a 27-year-old boxer Chuzhou is dead. In addition, the movie will include a scene in which Rocky talks to his late wife, Adrienne, played by Talia Shire.
The actor captioned the photos with the following entry: It was the beginning of an excerpt from the script “Rocky 7Sadly, some people will never make a movie. But this is something I want to share with my most die-hard fans. Never give up.”

Stallone vs. Winkler

Recall: last July, Sylvester Stallone – not only the impersonator, but also the creator of the Rocky character – posted a photo on Instagram depicting Irwin Winkler as a snake with a human head and made the following comment:

A very fine portrait of the great producer of Rocky and Creed, Irwin Winkler, by one of our country’s greatest artists… After Irwin’s domination of Rocky for 47 years (and now also Creed), I’d like to return at least a little of what’s left of my rights before I pass it on to Only my kids. Wouldn’t that be a fair gesture on the part of the 93-year-old’s team? This line is eating me inside because I want to leave a piece of Rocky for my kids.

This isn’t the star’s first post on the subject lately. Earlier, Stallone posted on his Instagram the cover of the book “The Order: A Love Story,” which was written by Irwin Winkler’s son, David. The actor called it one of the worst books he’d read and explained that the author is the son of a “parasitic and very untalented producer of Rocky and Creed”.

Sylvester Stallone: ​​Hollywood legend

Stallone has been in movies for over half a century. Great popularity brought him the starring role in the sports drama “Rocky” (1976), for which he also wrote the script. Costing less than $1 million, the picture grossed 117 million in theaters, won three Academy Awards (including Best Production of the Year), and also started a very profitable series. Another iconic creation in Stallone’s career is combat veteran John Rambo. Between 1982 and 2019, five films were made about his adventures, grossing more than $800 million. The films of the Hollywood legend also include such high-profile titles as: “Escape to Victory”, “Nighthawk”, “Cobra”, “Tango and Cash”, “On the Edge”, “Demolition Man”, “Copland”, as well as the series “The Expendables”. The latest episode of the latter will hit cinemas this fall.

Trailer for the movie “Rocky Balboa”

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