Sayaka Kanda is dead.  The tragic circumstances of the death of a 35-year-old actress

And the death of the actress was confirmed via her official website, and all other interventions, except for a statement on the subject, disappeared from it.

“I would like to inform all the fans of Sayaki Kandy that the 35-year-old actress died suddenly at 9:40 pm on December 18, 2021. It is with great regret that I pass this information on. We still cannot believe her death and are trying to deal with this news. While investigating the matter. We ask the media to refrain from giving interviews to the actress’s family and repeating unconfirmed information,” says Mitsuhisa Kamachi of the agency representing Kanda.

Who was Sayaka Kanda?

Candy’s body was found on one of the hotel’s exteriors. It was located on the sixteenth floor of the hotel. All indications are that the actress fell from a window six stories above the room she was occupying. After she was taken to the hospital, she was pronounced dead. Local police do not rule out suicide.

Sayaka Kanda came from an artistic family. She was the daughter of the famous actress and singer Seiko Matsuda. She can be seen on small and large screens, and she also sang in the theater. In 1999, she starred in David Greenspan’s short “Bean Cake”, which won the Cannes Palme d’Or for Best Short Film. Kanda is also known for dubbing Anna in her “frozen” In the Japanese version of this animation.

Variety cites Japanese media outlets that Kanda was supposed to play her role in “My Fair Lady” on the day she died. However, on Saturday morning, the artist announced that she was feeling unwell and canceled her performance on the show.

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