New Series "Chowchow": Simon Bowleris tells the impossible love story between a teacher and a teenager

For his first adult TV drama, writer Simon Bouveris did not choose an easy theme, as the 37-year-old French teacher would fall into an abusive relationship with a student 20 years younger than himself.

Nuovo will play the role of Evelyn Brooch, Chanelle Souinard, whom her students call Chouchou, a woman interested in her work and words.

Chanel does not have the profile of a hunter, but is in a position of authority, and her gesture is reprehensible when slipping into a close relationship with a quiet, self-confident young man named Sandrick (Levi Dore). Books as much as she does. The teenager is raised by a loving mother, but not enough because of her liking for the bottle.

At a roundtable on Thursday, Simon Bowleris believed he had come up with the idea of ​​a “chowchow” – he likes police and judicial news – who was in the United States in 1996. Mary Kay Letorno, a math teacher at the time, had an affair with a 12-year-old student, he was married and had two children, all of which were stopped because they were behind bars. The wife died in 2020, but they raised their two children together.

“Yes, it’s a story of abuse, but it could have been a real love story to continue like this.

“Reluctantly” the improbable love affair between Chanel and Chandry, who is immersed in it, gradually unfolds. Beyond the pleasures of the flesh – there will be scenes of intimacy on screen – Simon Bowleris explains that at first glance an intellectual love affair occurs between the two protagonists, whose latest series, “Six Degrees”, is available on TOU.TV.

The author wanted to explore the “gray areas” of such a relationship, saying that Chanel and Chandry would “sink” and “lose their bearings”. Their loved ones will also experience significant repercussions when their particular accomplice is exposed in broad daylight.

“Chanel’s gesture is certainly reprehensible, but I think we see her dizzy. She will resist the urge to feel. Will see the precedent. Forbidden Love Story “, the author said of the project, which he has been fine-tuning for two years, for the first time, with the challenge of writing 60-minute episodes instead of half an hour.

Reconstruction and exchange

After Chanel’s fall, the whole point of the Reconstruction would be, and Simon Bowleris also wanted to continue to use the theme of broadcasting, and Chanel fed him books that would give Chandrick his literary appetite.

Evelyne Brochu, who knew Simon Paularis at Cégep, spoke of an “emotional involvement” and a poetic project. “Conversations are alive, we feel what is said and what is not said.”

Steve Laplande plays Chanel’s husband, Jeff. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. With filming set to begin later next month, it remains to be seen who the remaining cast will be.

Produced by Passer Go (“Le chalet”, “For always, Plus one day”), “Chouchou” is directed by Mary-Claude Bluin and Felix Detroit.

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