The judge, who sentenced the kidnapper to five years in prison for bringing 248 handguns into the country, lamented the proliferation of guns in the Montreal area.

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“One can easily imagine the consequences […] The banned firearms were “in circulation in civil society,” Judge Bertrand St.-Arnaud told a court in Salbury-de-Valleyfield yesterday.

William Rainville, a former employee of Desjardins, was arrested last March with five hockey pockets and loose guns near the Canada-US border.

When William Raineville was working at Desjardins.

Photo from Facebook

When William Raineville was working at Desjardins.

He pleaded guilty yesterday to six counts, including possession of a prohibited weapon and equipment for the purpose of kidnapping.

“We’re talking about planned, premeditated crimes here, and above all, we’re not talking about a weapon, or two, or three, or four, but pieces that can […] Is 248 [pistolets] », Reprimanded the magistrate.

“Gun-related tragedies are constant,” especially in the Montreal area, where a dozen incidents involving shootings have occurred in two weeks, he added.


William Rainville was captured on March 5 near his new home in Dundee, Monteroy, which is across the border with the United States.

William Rainville's property in Dundee on the Canada-US border in Monterey.

File photo, Martin Aller

William Rainville’s property in Dundee, Monterrey, on the Canada – U.S. border.

Unaware that he was being monitored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), he crossed the Canada-US border six times over his property and pulled out a slide loaded in hockey pockets.

He was later detained by police while traveling in his van, in which hockey bags filled with 80 handguns of deformed clock type polymer were found.

This commodity is valued at 6 1.6 million or 5,000 to 000 6,000 per weapon on the black market, it was known in court yesterday.

“I have done injustice to the Quebec community and I could have put it in grave danger,” the accused said. I’m so sorry […], I made this decision as a matter of choice […], I was blinded by money. “

Young with no history

“He is a young man with no real life experience […]”He made this costly mistake, which will haunt him for a long time,” said his lawyer, Ms. Isabella Theolis, who insisted that her client had no criminal record.

Note: These guns do not have a serial number and therefore cannot be tracked, making them a popular choice for organized crime.

Considering his pre-trial detention, Rainbow benefited from a 10-month increased loan.

So he has 50 months to serve.

-Valerie Gondier and Erica Opin, with Le Journal de Montreal

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