Bank Pekao, Santander, mBank, Millennium, Alior, Credit Agricole – outages and difficulties at banks on the weekend of January 21-22, 2023

Pekao, Santander, mBank, Millennium – among others, these banks have planned service work in the coming days. Customers should prepare, for example, for difficulties with online and mobile banking.

Pekao Bank

“From January 20 to 21, 2023 (Fri-Sat-ed.) from 11.30 pm to 6.00 am we will carry out service work” – reports Pekao Bank SA

The communication to clients states that during this time they will not be logged into the Pekao24 website, nor will they be using the PeoPay, Pekao24Makler and Pekao eTrader platforms.

“Remember to order transfers or other scheduled operations in electronic banking services in advance,” the bank said, adding that “cards and ATMs will work properly.”

Santander Bank Poland

Santander also announced that it plans to take a break from January 20-21 from 10pm on Friday to 7am on Saturday.

During this time, the following will not work:

– Internet banking (23:00 – 7:00); – mobile application (23:00 – 7:00); – instant transfers (22:00 – 7:00); – payments in online stores – Przelew24 (22:00 – 7:00); – Blake (22:00-7:00); – Santander exchange office (22: 00-7: 00); – ATMs / Deposit Machines (2:00-4:00).

“If you need to send an urgent transfer, do it before the scheduled break. If necessary, you can also withdraw additional cash from an ATM,” the bank assured.


“On the night of January 21-22, 2023, we will carry out actions that will disable mKantor. The service will not be available from 11.00 pm to 1:00 am on the transaction site and on mobile devices,” mBank said in a statement.

The bank also informed that “due to the work of the General Administration Service (eDO Application Services), from Friday evening (January 20) to Monday morning (January 23) you will not open an account via electronic ID” and “during this time you can open an account via selfies and on the website mail.

Millennium Bank

“On the night of Saturday to Sunday, January 22, from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.: the mobile app and Millenet and TeleMill Millennium services (such as card cancellation) will not be available,” the bank said.

“It will be possible to pay with a conventional card or withdraw cash from an ATM,” he added. “We encourage you to perform the planned operations ahead of time and apologize for the inconvenience,” Bank Millennium addressed its clients.

Alior Bank

“Please note that on January 20, 2023 (Friday) from 23:30 to January 21, 2023 (Saturday) until 08:30, the online and mobile banking systems will not be available due to maintenance work,” Alior Bank wrote.

“This action does not affect card transactions and ATM withdrawals,” the statement added. It was also stated that “the unavailability time may be extended, we will keep you informed”.

Credit Agricole

The bank informed that it will be “worked on IT systems” over the weekend, and therefore “at night from Saturday to Sunday (21 / 22.01), from 00:00 to 10:00 the following will not be available:

– CA24 services (e-bank, mobile phone, text messaging), – IVR automated phone service, – online online payments transfer, – blik.

“During this time, you will also not receive SMS notifications about the card transaction. You can only stop the card on our helpline. We will record the cash paid into the cash deposit machine after the break. If you plan to transfer, make it earlier. They will work normally. However, just in case you have cash with you, ”we learn from the Credit Agricole advertisement.

filo bank

“On the night of Saturday to Sunday (January 21 to 22), from 11:55 pm to 7:00 am, we are carrying out technical work and improving our systems,” the bank said.

The letter told clients that “during the rest period:

– They won’t log into online and mobile banking, – Online card payments can be difficult, – They won’t use blik.

It was also indicated that customers will be able to:

– Deposit and withdraw cash with a card from an ATM, – Pay in stationary stores: by payment card, contactless phone (eg Apple Pay, Google Pay) or watch, wristband (eg SwatchPAY, Garmin Pay).

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