In her “Luxury in the Sun” series: designer Julie Asselin dreams of a rich life in Florida.

Well-versed interior designer Julie Aselin, who has spent many winters in Florida, presents us with her series of stunning homes in this American state. Luxury in the sun.

He invites us to watch the first season on Thursday, November 9 at 9pm on CASA.
“We wanted to give the audience a chance to see luxurious settings. “The goal is to inspire people, to dream and to take people on a journey,” said Mme Aceline, a decorator and stylist.

Interior designer Julie Asselin hosts “Lux au Soleil,” a show that makes us travel and dream by visiting stunning properties in Florida.

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She, herself, was hooked on the show and couldn’t believe she had access to so many amazing mansions thanks to all the designers and Florida real estate brokers she knew. This is the case of Pierre Couture, Carmen N. D’Angelo, Sophie Ghedin, Frank Herz, Mélanie Kimpton and Marco Latereur, who help the team to open doors such as the Porsche tower and the designer’s house Tommy Hilfiger.

“There are many houses in this series that belong to Quebecers, but we don’t name them,” says In an interview with QMI Agency, Asselin said he “experienced the life of the rich and famous” in another era. “I lived in the West Palm Beach area for 10 years and in the Boca Raton area for 10 years.”

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Julie Aselin is a regular at the chic The St-Regis Paul Harbor Hotel, where she takes us. Luxury in the sun. She also stops by the Palm Beach Show, where she rubs shoulders with artwork, jewelry and antiques. The designer experiences strong emotions by slipping a 100 carat diamond worth USD 20 million on his finger.

“I did the series because I wanted to share happiness and great things,” said the woman who founded the magazine get in TVA publications.

Bourse Tower and Tommy Hilfiger Palace

During the 13 episodes produced by Zone3 in association with Quebecor Content, the friendly host takes us to a penthouse in Porsche Tower, home to 22 billionaires. After a freight elevator lifts their gleaming cars to the ground, thanks to large windows overlooking the garage adjacent to their unit, those with deep pockets can admire a Rolls-Royce, Ferrari or Lamborghini from their unit.

In the first episodes, we also visit fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger’s home on Palm Beach Island, where nothing is left to chance by its famous owner.

We are talking about small property values ​​up to CA$55 million.

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Directed by Félix Trépanier, each episode includes pop music reminiscent of the recipe Sunset Sale. However, no Drama In Luxuriate in the sun, Unlike the Netflix show.

Julie Aselin likes to do other seasons “where there’s sunshine because it’s good for the soul”. He specifically mentioned Florida and other areas of California.

Next January she will launch her own company, Lux Julie Asselin Design. She offers lighting fixtures first and assures them that despite their luxurious finish, they are not overpriced. He joins Marco Laterar in the series.

Photo provided by Casa

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