Support diseases for universities.  “Willa Plus” is just the icing on the cake

-We are currently checking how the funds are transferred from the ministry to the university. What we find here is outrageous. He adds that there are no words to describe the extent of corruption in Polish science.

In recent days, Marek Žižek announced that the ministry had decided to withhold funds allocated for investments in the university. He wants to do some verification first.

The Deputy Minister points out that Minister Czarnik's ministry distributed the money in violation of the algorithm. It is used to calculate support amounts and takes into account a number of factors including: number of students and employees, research and investments carried out, internationalization rate, etc. He didn't care much about algorithms” – comments Žižek. He adds that the universities with the highest subsidies were dominated by Catholic universities and those in Lublin, the city where Czarnik comes from. But he was not the only one. “Larger packages of money can be mapped onto the map of the electoral districts of United Right politicians The powerful.” – continued.


The University of Słupsk – MP Müller's animal – received a support of PLN 50 million calculated on the basis of an algorithm. Over the past three years, it has received an additional PLN 103 million in subsidies and bonds. If it were the same – that is, 200 percent. – Increased support for Jagiellonian University, will receive two billion Polish zlotys. At the same time, PLN 12 million flowed into the Jagiellonian University through increased subsidies and bonds.

In addition to increased support, we are also talking about bond money to invest in universities. In this way, PiS distributed about PLN 8 billion, of course from the party budget, without caring about the opinions of the teams it created. “Wella Plus” This is the culmination of what happened here – over.

– I couldn't even imagine that they were such rude people. They know that we now have access to all the documentation – and have full knowledge of how it works. They say we save university money! – ends the agitated interlocutor.

What then? About it in “Gazeta Wyborcza” published on Monday.


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