Sunday trading banned.  Żabka will bypass ban and open in 2022

– Taking into account the new law, which will enter into force on February 1, Żabka stores will be available and open to customers all the time, because the legislator, which makes us very happy, took care of the interests of small businesses stores – announced Mikowaj in an interview with Business Insider Editor-in-Chief Polska Kunica Adam Manikowski, Managing Director abka Polska. He also added, “It will be the entrepreneur’s decision in the end.”

Manikovsky noted the exception that allowed the store to open on the seventh day of the week, provided that the entrepreneur or concessionaire was behind the counter. – This exclusion in the law is very important from the point of view of not only the customer, but also the construction of the competitiveness of small shops – he said.

According to the manager’s words, the store chain will no longer use the exception for the post office, thanks to which we can usually shop in stores on subsequent Sundays. Post offices are one exception to the Sunday trading ban.

Shopping on Sundays. Amendments to the law

Greater trade restrictions were introduced from 2020. In 2021, trading on Sundays will occur only seven times a year: on the last Sunday in January, April, June and August of each subsequent calendar year, as well as on two consecutive days before Christmas and on the Sunday before Easter Holiday.

Trading Sundays 2021 – Calendar

Here is a set of Sunday trading dates in 2021:

  • Jan 31 2021
  • 28 Mark 2021 p.
  • April 25, 2021
  • June 27, 2021
  • August 29, 2021
  • December 12 2021
  • December 19 2021

Trading Ban on Sunday 2021 – Exceptions

However, Sunday’s Trade Restriction Act provides for a number of exceptions in the case of stores that can sell on these days. These are stores run by entrepreneurs “on their own behalf and for their own account”. This law does not apply to gastronomy. Accordingly, restaurants and bars will be allowed to open their doors. Her work in malls is a problem.

Exceptions to the trade ban include:

  • bakeries
  • pastry shops
  • Ice cream parlors
  • gas stations
  • florists
  • Shops with souvenirs and devotional items
  • Newspaper stores
  • Shops with public transport tickets
  • Tobacco shops
  • Post offices
  • Shops at railway stations (in the field of direct passenger service)
  • Airports
  • free zones
  • Trade in public transportation
  • Trade in garrisons
  • Trade in correctional institutions
  • Trade in wholesale markets for agri-food
  • Establishments that buy cereals, sugar beets, fruits, vegetables or raw milk
  • Outlets for sale of spare parts and agricultural machinery (only from June 1 to September 30).

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