Suggestions for five interesting films, just right for watching together

Good Romantics: “One Day” (2011)

Interesting romances, just in time to watch them with your other half? I’m looking for touch Movies-Make sure to choose “one day”. The picture directed by Lone Scherfig is a touching melodrama during which it is difficult not to shed a tear, so it’s nice to have someone next to you while watching it.

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This story begins on July 15, 1988. That’s when Emma (American actress Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet for the first time on graduation day. Two guys come from two very different worlds – she’s a working-class girl who dreams of a better world, while he’s a true seducer who loves to control everything. Emma and Dexter decided that they would meet every year on the same day – July 15th, to talk about their problems, dreams, successes and crap.

one dayMovies about love: touching foreign productions and funny Polish comedies

A movie for two: “It’s Complicated” (2009)

what film Worth watching for two? For the best titles, look no further than Nancy Meyers’ romantic comedy She’s Complicated. Find out what the Golden Globe-nominated production is about.

it's complicatedit’s complicated

The movie brings the story of Jane (played by Mumtaz Meryl Streep). The mother-of-three maintains friendly relations with her ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), with whom she separated 10 years ago. One day, the woman falls under the influence of Jake again, but the situation is complicated because the man has a wife, and the beautiful Jane also has another admirer.

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Great movie for a night out with a girlfriend: “Time for Love” (2013)

Romantic with a little fantasy? Wonderful film It would be perfect for an evening out with a girl in such climates. For a quirky love comedy, look no further than About Time by Richard Curtis.

Margot Robbie in Love TimeMargot Robbie in A Time for Love not shiny. Journalism

her hero film He is young Tim (Domnell Gleeson). On his twenty-first birthday, the hero learns that the men of his family can travel in time. Tim decides to use his unique abilities to win the heart of the beautiful Mary (Rachel McAdams).

Good movie for a couple: “Midnight in Paris” (2011)

How about a good couple movie? If you’re looking for something for a special occasion, there’s no denying that it’s hard to find a place more romantic than Paris. Feel its charm and go straight to the capital of France, and let yourself be drawn in HistoryNarrated by Woody Allen. In “Midnight in Paris”, which in 2012 won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay, there will be a little bit of magic, love and artistry.

Midnight in ParisMidnight in Paris .

Meet Jill Bender (Owen Wilson) and his fiancee, Inez (Rachel McAdams). The couple decide to visit Paris and plan their wedding. The capital of romance and art quickly steals the heart of Jill, who finds true inspiration in him. It soon became apparent that Paris is a truly exceptional place. Wandering the winding streets at night, Gil is taken for a drive in a car that sends him straight back to the 1920s. A man who meets people he admires from the world of art and literature (Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway). At the same time, Jill’s fiancée is having a nice time in the company of her ex.

PersuadeNetflix Romantic Movie – Melodrama & Comedy Movies to Show for Two

Movie An Evening With Her Husband: “The Untouchables” (2011)

Looking for something less romantic, but fun and flirty? Invite your loved one to an interesting person film At night. In the screening of “Intouchables” directed by Olivier Naccache and Eric Toledano, you will have the opportunity to have a great time.

“The Untouchables” frame from the movie

A tale of extraordinary friendship tells the story of Driss (Omar Sy), a young man from the suburbs with a criminal past behind him. The boy begins working as a caregiver for a crippled man millionaire. Thanks to his company, Philippe (François Closet) begins to see that his life can still be interesting.

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