Agnieszka presents the elegant Woźniak-Starak with the Balenciaga handbag for 8000 elegant people at the movie premiere (PHOTOS)

Impossible not to notice Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak Pay great attention to her appearance. It is clear that her efforts achieve the intended effect, so that the journalist can count on a place in the rating of the best Polish celebrities. In her style, the 43-year-old usually focuses on eclectic fashion: the star loves to tangle Classics with a rocky vibe and nonchalance straight from the Parisian streets.

Except for the precious clothes Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak He also loves luxury cars. Leadership Good morning TVN Already installed, among other things incl. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Jaguar F-Type or Fiat Riva. Currently, Agnieszka drives an electric Tesla Model 3 for about 270,000 PLN.

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Although Aga has rarely allowed herself big breaks lately, the celebrity made an exception on Wednesday, honoring the film’s Warsaw premiere with her presence. black sheep Directed by Alexander Petrzak.

you regret it

And this time the celebrities rejoiced Sophisticated design: Woźniak-Starak appeared on the red carpet in a black dress with puffed sleeves, complemented by a Balenciaga denim bag and silver high-heeled sandals. The sophisticated look was complemented by delicate jewellery. That evening, the celebrity also had the opportunity to play the announcer, which she did not fail to show off on Instagram.

When your director tells you before going on stage, “Just don’t give me the body,” you get really excited. – The journalist wrote adding the “embarrassing” symbol.

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