Strong words from Arka Gdynia’s owner after the defeat

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-We know that we did not achieve our goal. This is the fourth year in a row, so it is not a coincidence and lessons must be learned. We will take them out. I assure you – says owner and president of Arka Gdynia, Marcin Gruchała.

Arka Gdynia suffered a stunning defeat in the 2023/24 season. She did not advance to the PKO Ekstraklasa even though she was often close to it. In the regular season, the team was actually one point away from direct promotion, but in the playoffs the yellow and blue team outdid themselves.

In the final, they were leading Motor Lublin 1-0 until the 87th minute, but they allowed themselves to score two goals at the end and in the end it was the opponents who celebrated their promotion to the Premier League in their home stadium.

The day after this drama, Arka’s owner and president, Marcin Gruchala, spoke out.

– This is not how this season was supposed to end. We all feel the same. In the strongest First Division in years, we have scored 62 points, which in the last three seasons has ensured us one of the top two places in the table. This year was not enough. We were so close and yet so far. We know that we did not achieve our goal. This is the fourth year in a row, so it is not a coincidence and lessons must be learned. We will take them out. I assure you, Gruchała admitted.

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– For many reasons, this has been a long and difficult season for all of us. We will continue to move in one direction, but our working methods must change, especially since we want to build a club capable of achieving more than just promotion to the Premier League or fighting for relegation there. For me and my teammates, building stronger foundations is a challenge – a task that we begin to face today – stresses the club owner from Gdynia.

As is clear, the changes will not affect the technical staff. Wojciech Łobodziński will retain his position despite the disastrous end to the season.

– Coach Wojciech Łobodziński has my full support and trust. I appreciate the progress Arca has made this season, and I remember the fall winning streak and the big spring opener, until an injury hit the team. I have no doubt that the most stringent reviewer of the coach’s work will be himself and will draw conclusions from recent matches and weeks. Together we will also look at how to strengthen employees in specific areas, says Gruchala.

– Our team needs significant reinforcements with a specific profile. We need valuable players, a real alternative. First: enhancing competition, second: expanding the squad in the event of the injuries that we have painfully experienced this season. Injuries to Janusz Göll and Daoud Jogne have robbed us of not only high quality football, but also tremendous experience – sum it up.
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