Director Argylle received negative reviews.  They surprised him

film director Argyle. Secret spyIn an interview with Empire, Matthew Vaughn commented on the negative reviews of his show. Most people have left no stone unturned. He admits that he was disappointed by the film’s reception and was not prepared for it.

Argyle – Film Criticism

Vaughn wasn’t prepared for that, because after the test screenings, which were great, he was convinced that he had made a nice, fun movie.

-I thought I made a nice, relaxing movie. We didn’t make Citizen Kane, but crap, and then the reviews came out and I thought, “Wait a minute, what did I do to offend these people?” They were full of poison. I’m not saying my video was perfect, but I didn’t think it was offensive. This surprised me.

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Argyle.  Secret spy
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After analyzing the reviews, the director decided he needed to rethink why some things weren’t understood. This reception is something I want to draw conclusions from for the future.

-I even went to the movies on purpose because I thought I might have somehow lost the plot along the way. This surprised me. Honestly I still wonder about it because it’s impossible to ignore. It wasn’t just a few negative reviews.

He adds that the film achieves good results when broadcast on the Apple TV+ platform, and viewers rate it well. He says plans for a sequel have been developed.

– Nothing could make me happier than making a sequel. I get text messages like “tr reviews were too harsh”. The more people watch Argylle, the greater the chances of a sequel.

These various plans also included a proposed introduction in the film itself.

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