January 30, 2023


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Strange scenes in the English Premier League!  Shaft-mounted fan, cut off for a few minutes [WIDEO]

Strange scenes in the English Premier League! Shaft-mounted fan, cut off for a few minutes [WIDEO]

In Thursday’s Premier League match, Everton faced Newcastle United at home. At the beginning of the second half we saw strange scenes. One of the fans ran onto the field and stood on the post.

Little happened in the first half at Goodison Park. Neither team was able to find a way into the net. However, pictures of what happened after the break will surely go around the world.

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At the beginning of the second part of the match, one of the fans ran into the field and … fixed himself on the post. After a few dozen seconds, law enforcement noticed him.

The referee boycotted the meeting, of course, and the referees rushed to move. They tried to separate the protesting fan from the post, but it lasted for a few minutes.

At first, the security services could not cope with the removal of the wristband. However, this one seemed to tighten the fan’s neck more and more, making everything seem more and more dangerous.

In the end, the fan was separated from the post, but the competition did not last for eight minutes in total. Soon it turned out that it was a kind of protest, possibly against Russia and the events in Ukraine.

Just keep the oil An inscription on the shirt the fan was wearing. At the moment it is not known what the consequences will be, although perhaps he should take into account the stadium ban.

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Having been cut off from the post, the fan lay on the field, not wanting to let go. Another Everton fan ran onto the pitch and hit the person who interrupted the match.