The European Space Agency resigns from cooperation with Roscosmos.  ExoMars rover mission suspended

ExoMars is the work of the European Space Agency, which was scheduled to fly in 2022 with the help of Roscosmos to Mars, in order to search for organic molecules. On March 1, 2022, it was decided to postpone the missionBut now this cooperation has been officially suspended.

As we read on the ESA website:

Moreover, all other scheduled Soyuz missile missions have also been suspended. So we are talking about projects such as Galileo M10, M11 (an alternative to GPS), Euclid and Earthcare.

However, the European Space Agency confirms that the missions have not been canceled, but that discussions and assessment of possible alternative services for the start of the mission will now take place. It is worth noting that NASA also used the services of Roscosmos, but for some time the Americans have been testing the possibilities of launching into space from their country with special SpaceX rockets.

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