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Kamil Stoch has a clear statement regarding the coaches of our national team. -I believe in coaches who give everything they have. It’s not like everyone sits down and takes it seriously – he admits that on Skijumping.pl.

Camille Stoch’s start to this season is very bad. Our representative has only finished in the 30s in one of four World Cup Ski Jumping competitions so far. He finished 28th in Saturday’s competition in Lillehammer.

The three-time Olympic champion’s form is completely different from what he showed a year ago. Stoch admits that he knew after the training camp in Lillehammer that the start of the season would not be easy for him. This is not the first time this has happened to him.

– Last Wednesday, I had a good training session in Lillehammer, and I liked it. Everything got a little confusing on Friday. I’ve talked to coaches about this. I have the impression that after the strength training on Friday, the feeling was a bit upset, and there was competition. I was aware of the results achieved, there was some tension and that’s why it didn’t work – he says in an interview with Skijumping.pl.

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After failing to qualify in Roca, Kamil Stoch said he did not believe in the idea of ​​jumping that day. How is his relationship with employees?

– I believe in our team and I believe that everything can still change. Things like this have never happened in my career. I believe in coaches who give it their all. It’s not like everyone sits down and takes it seriously. Everyone is nervous and anxious. The important point is that we are in this together and stick to the chosen path – concludes Stoch.

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