COP Summit 28. Saudi Arabia attacks the West.  The allegations relate to climate change

W The United Arab Emirates The climate summit is underway Conference of the Parties 28. Political leaders and experts from around the world gathered in Dubai this year to work on this A joint strategy to combat ongoing climate change.

One element of international climate policy is the so-called Loss and Damage Fund. Under it, developed countries allocate funds to mitigate the effects of climate change in developing countries.

At the height of Western activity It was met with criticism from an unexpected direction, from Saudi Arabia – the world’s main oil exporterNearly nine million barrels of raw materials are sold abroad daily.

Saudi Arabia attacks the West. It’s about climate policy

Saudi Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin SalmanHe stated on Monday that the amount of $655 million has been paid so far to the fund by Western countries it’s “pennies”. At the same time, he stressed that his country intends to spend in the coming years 50 billion dollars To combat the effects of climate change in Africa.

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Abdulaziz bin Salman agreed with climate activists who also believe the money raised is insufficient. However, the same activists also criticize Saudi Arabia for the lack of transparency in its aid plan, which It includes loans and investments, and the obligations contained therein are non-binding.

Moreover, shortly before the opening of the COP 28 summit, British television Channel 4 News I published a report on it It accused the Saudis of artificially stimulating demand for oil in Asia and AfricaThis contradicts the stated commitment to climate protection. According to Agence France-Presse, the authorities in Riyadh did not respond to these accusations.

COP 28. Climate summit in a country built on oil

The Dubai COP28 conference sparked many controversies. One of them results from the fact that this year’s summit was organized by the United Arab Emirates, ie A country whose economy depends on the extraction and export of oil and natural gas. In turn, the conference was chaired by the head of the state oil company, Sultan Al Jaber.

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During the summit, a scandal broke out around Jaber. british newspaperWatchman“He posted a recording in which the politician can be heard questioning the scientific consensus. He claims so There is no research showing that phasing out fossil fuels would keep the increase in average global temperatures below 1.5°C. compared to pre-industrial levels.

In response to the accusations, Jaber stated that he respects the opinions of experts and believes in their research. – Those who believe otherwise do so to undermine his position – said the politician.

COP28 summit It will run until December 12th.

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