Limited Super Polish promotion on Allegro

Soon, such a promotion of Apple iPhone 13 will start in Poland that your wallet will jump out of cash. However, the supply will be very limited, so only the fastest will buy the iPhone 13 at the best price in the market. Good luck to those interested

I don’t quite understand this phenomenon Apple iPhone 13but until recently, it was also hard for me to point to a better Apple phone that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

But a lot has changed after that Apple raised the prices of previous generation devices in Poland. This model has become more expensive by up to PLN 800.

Fortunately, stores do not sleep and from time to time there are offers that allow you to buy the iPhone 13 at a price that can be considered reasonable.

That’s exactly how it will be November 28thwhen on Allegro One of the last Black Week deals will begin.

Apple iPhone 13128 GB at an unbeatable price on Allegro

On the aforementioned day, at an unknown time, the official Allegro store will present the Apple iPhone 13 128 GB smartphone in Starlight / Moonlight / White color in The price is 3699 PLN.

If nothing changes by the time this show goes live, we’ll deal with it The lowest price on the Polish market. However, you will have to hurry, as Allegro predicted 150 promotional items only.

In order not to miss the start of sales, it is worth adding an opportunity to your watchlist. Thanks to this, you will receive a notification a few minutes before the launch of the offer. So good luck to those interested.

Apple iPhone 13 128GB Moonlight Celebration

Three reasons to buy iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 / Product Image

The strong point of the iPhone 13 specifications is the performance. Apple is responsible for this A15 Bionic, made of 5 nm. It has six cores clocked at up to 3.22GHz and a quad-core graphics chip. Added to this are 4GB of RAM and insanely fast NVMe memory.

Another feature of this model is Update supportAs with Apple phones. When you buy iPhone 13, you also buy 5 years of peace of mind and the same number of new versions of iOS (starting from the moment of release).

I will add that the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 13 are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm, with a weight of 174 grams. So we deal with Compact phoneand waterproof (IP68).

I will add that the iPhone 13 can be found on our list Recommended phonesas one of the few iPhones in history:

Elite group of the most profitable smartphones in Poland. They are worth every penny!

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