The Starlink satellites are still traveling into orbit and will visit the night sky over Poland on November 11. However, monitoring them will be a big challenge.

November 11 in Poland will not be a good time to admire Starlinks. This does not mean that space trains will avoid our skies completely. We can expect G7-6 and G6-27 series satellites. None of them represent SpaceX’s state-of-the-art transportation, and it would take a lot of luck to see them.

Starlink list 11

According to data from the ISS Tracker website, the first Starlink train will arrive in central Poland (from Warsaw) at 4:47 p.m. SpaceX satellites will travel from west to east for more than 6 minutes, but at a very low distance. Their maximum height above the horizon will be 31 degrees.

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Also, the brightness of Starlinks will not be suitable for observers. Although it wouldn’t be too bad, the satellites would appear pale during this low pass. Only residents of the southeastern part of the country have a chance to see them in the early evening. From their point of view, the satellites will reach their highest altitude above the horizon.

Starlink’s second chance train is on November 11th

But at 18:07, another SpaceX train will pass from west to southwest. It will also not reach high altitudes, but its objects will be brighter and the flight will take up to 9 minutes. The Nocne Niebo website suggests that you should look for it near the Vulture constellation, and detailed location directions for 49 Polish cities can be checked on a sky map:

It’s worth preparing, but it’s likely to be Independence Day this year without seeing Starlinks. In northern Poland, their flights will be very faint. In other parts of the country, we wouldn’t accidentally blow them up in the sky, and the weather would get in the way of experienced space train hunters. Forecasts indicate that the weather will be very cloudy over the entire country today.

Katarzyna Rutkowska, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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