Star Wars: Skeleton Crew and Andor – Celebration Online Content.  Kids go on an adventure

Star Wars: The Skeleton Crew is another series from the Star Wars universe by Lucasfilm and Disney +. Production plot details have so far been kept secret, but thanks to the production panel at Star Wars Celebration, we’ve learned more details. It was already known that the series would be about a group of kids traveling around the galaxy.

Now, thanks to information from the panel and trailer descriptions provided, we know that Jude Law will play a Jedi master who encounters four children fleeing danger in his path. The trailer offers a lot of action (pirates and X-Wings), but witnesses also wrote that the atmosphere is similar to the movie Stand by Me and the Goonies. The video hasn’t been shown online, but we now have the footage thanks to an amateur video released online. The material begins with scenes with kids who go to school and ride space bikes, but still want to do something crazy and experience adventure. The parents return home to discover that their children have simply disappeared. The video comes from

Star Wars: The Skeleton Crew It is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2023. However, no specific release date has been revealed. In addition to Jude Law, Kerry Condon will also appear in the cast, while Raffy Cabot Conyers, Kiriana Krater and Robert Timothy Smith will play the children.

Andor – material from Celebrate the promotion of the second season

Below is also other material posted on We can see the first trailer for the second season of the series Star Wars: Endor. be seen:

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