March 29, 2023


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Marvel's 'Black Panther' Lupita Nyong'o will be included in the horror movie 'Silent Place' sideshow

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Lupita Nyong’o will be included in the horror movie ‘Silent Place’ sideshow

The casting process for “A Quiet Place: Day One” has begun. According to Deadline, Lupita Nyong’o, who we’ll see in Marvel’s production of “Black Panther: Wakanda in My Heart,” is now finalizing talks about playing one of the main roles. The film, of course, is part of the successful series “Silent Place”.

What do we know about the movie “A Quiet Place: One Day”?

The film’s author is John Krasinski, who directed and continues “A Quiet Place.” However, it was known from the very beginning that he would only take part in this project as a producer.

Behind the camera will be Michael Sarnosky, who became famous thanks to the movie “The Pig” directed by and starring Nicolas Cage. But Sarnoski was not the first choice. It was originally intended to be “A Quiet Place: Day One” directed by Jeff Nichols. However, he resigned from this project last fall.

The plot of the film is secret yet closely guarded. We only know that the goal is to expand the post-apocalyptic world.

About the series “The Silent Place”

John Krasinski’s sci-fi horror film “A Quiet Place” hit theaters in 2018 and unexpectedly became a cultural phenomenon. The picture was appreciated by fans and became one of the biggest successes of the Paramount studio, which the previous years were rather weak.

The course takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality where the remnants of humanity are trying to survive. The most important survival tactic is absolute silence, as the invading monsters are sensitive to every sound and attack with brutal effectiveness.

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Part Two hit theaters during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the unfavorable conditions, “Silent Place 2” ranked ninth among the highest-grossing US premieres in 2021, earning $160 million. Another 136 million horror films have been won worldwide.

“A Quiet Place: Day One,” due to debut next year, isn’t the only project in the series the studio is working on. In 2025, the movie “Silent Place 3” directed by John Krasinski is supposed to reach cinemas.

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