Polenergia officially opened its largest wind farm.  WF Dębsk has 121 MW of power

The farm in Dębsko is Polenergia’s largest onshore wind farm to date. It is also one of the largest investments of this kind in Poland in general. Construction began in July 2020 and ended in January 2023, when the company obtained a license to generate electricity.

Electricity for 183 thousand. families

55 turbines rise to 175 meters – the windmill gondola is installed at an altitude of 120 meters, and the diameter of the blades is 110 meters. In total, the windmills have 121 megawatts of power. They can produce about 366 GWh of electricity annually. This is enough to provide electricity to about 183,000 families. In one minute, all windmills operating at full capacity would be able to generate enough power for one family for a year.

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“The power generated by the turbines is sent through underground cable lines to the main power supply point. After voltage conversion, without an intermediate station, it goes directly to the Kruszczewo substation near Płock. This is done through a 62 km long underground high-voltage cable power line in alternating current technology. – we read in the press release on Thursday.

– My father, who many years ago saw the potential of green energy, founded this company, I like to say that success does not belong to those who know more, but to those who know faster. Dębsk is proof that we got to know faster, have the courage and trust in nature – comments Dominika Kulczyk, Chair of the Polenergia Supervisory Board, quoted in the statement. – Together, we have built a wind farm with huge potential. Make this farm a sign of new times and new energy. symbol of the new world. He adds that it is a world in harmony with nature.

– Thanks to investments like Dębsk, we are already providing our customers with energy from the future and strengthening Polenergia’s position as a The largest Polish private energy group Comments by Dr. Michal Michalski, President of Polenergia.

Dębsko wind farm increased by 35 percent. The total capacity of the power plants built by Polenergia using renewable energy sources – up to 472 megawatts. In the future, the company wants to build three huge wind farms in the Baltic Sea in cooperation with Equinor. Two of them have 720 megawatts of power, and the third has more than one and a half gigawatts.

Assets of 9 billion Polish zlotys

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