Why do you go to the cinema?  “You Were Supposed to Be Gone”, “Slaughter House”, “Flutter”, “Witness”

Of course I’m talking about “You weren’t supposed to be there” Cuba Mikalchukcomedy-drama with Boris I Sonia Szicka championship. The production has been talked about for a long time, and the 18-year-old received a Rising Star Award for her performance – for Best Acting Debut at the 2023 Mastercard Off Camera Festival.

Seventeen-year-old Mańka (Sonia Szyc) unexpectedly enters the world of her father (Borys Szyc), with whom she has had no contact for a long time. She doesn’t intend to stay there long, but it foils her plans. Not only does he discover that the girl is facing a difficult challenge in life, but also, against his daughter’s will, he decides to help her. But what does a man in his forties know about the dilemmas of a teenage girl? A few. That’s why he comes up with the idea of ​​seeking support and advice from his former partners. Meetings with a colorful group of “exes”, including a militant feminist and a nightclub dancer, will become an opportunity for a new beginning for father and daughter. The end of their adventures together will surprise everyone.

“She Was Meant to Be Gone” isn’t the only Polish comedy-drama hitting theaters on Friday. The main heroes “It’s weather time” Adam (Lucas Lewandowski(I’m Selena)Ewa Constancia Polhak). They come together when a woman is in deep crisis. He wants to help her, but Selina, who has been hurt by many men, cannot trust him. Meanwhile, Adam is convinced that the woman reminds him of someone. The meeting turns into a confrontation in which hesitation mixes with mutual fascination, closeness, and violence. Instead of indifference, a shadow of a deeper feeling creeps in. In the movie Jacek Rajinis-Krolikiewicz Reality meets dreams, and observation of everyday life is intertwined with satirical humor. The emotional roller coaster comes to an abrupt end. Life, dignity and a sense of power are at stake. Who will win: hope or despair?

The third Polish film to premiere in cinemas the last weekend of October is a documentary “God and the amusement park warriors.” Bartlomiej holds up. The son, overcome by religious madness, embarks on a crusade aimed at converting his father. This is a very risky mission – especially given the nature of the latter. Father is Andre Rodin – author of scandalous novels of the late 1980s and a sworn atheist. A joint trip around Poland will bring back many memories, but above all it will be an opportunity for further encounters. The novice’s zeal will be put to a severe test by a vitriolic anti-clerical who does not mince his words.

drama “Silver Mist” This is the latest movie Sashi PollackBest Actress Award Winner – Vicki Knight – She won the Teddy Jury Prize at the Berlinale 2023. Frankie (Knight) lives with his mother and brother in the suburbs of London. She works in the hospital as a nurse. When she was still a child, she suffered a fire and still cannot accept the fact that those responsible for the incident were not punished. When he falls in love with a girl (My name is Creed Mileswho entered the ward after a suicide attempt, is able to forget her painful past for a moment.

Horror comedy “Five nightmares” It is an adaptation of the famous video game series. When Mike Schmidt (Josh Hutcherson) loses his job and begins desperately searching for a new one in order to retain custody of his ten-year-old sister, Abby. He accepts a job as a night watchman at an abandoned restaurant, “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria”, which closed after a series of unexplained disappearances of children in the 1980s. Already on his first shift, the man discovers that not everything is as it seems, and the mechanical dolls, which are the main attraction of this place, come to life under the cover of darkness and pose a deadly danger. In collaboration with Abby and local police officer Vanessa (Elizabeth Lyell) Face to face with supernatural forces. Will Mike be able to survive the nightmares of the title?

Another horror comedy hitting theaters on Friday is “Sloth: Sloth Death”. The main character of the production is Emily Young, a final-year student who wants to win election as president of a student fraternity. Wanting to gain popularity, he adopts a cute sloth named Alpha, who will become the election mascot. The student community was soon shaken by a series of gruesome murders. Blood trails lead to alpha. Could there be a lust for killing in the heart of such a gentle creature?

Attention Christian (Guard Lock) – It is the story of a Norwegian horror film “Good dog!” – He is an ideal candidate for a boyfriend, if not immediately for a husband – he is a handsome young man, cares about his physical strength, and has inherited big millions from his parents. Moreover, she loves dogs and takes care of her pet Frank. Any red flags? Well, one. Frank is no ordinary dog. He is a grown man dressed as a dog and Christian treats him like an animal.

If you want to survive this session, you will have to leave your comfort zone quickly. Director and screenwriter Felgar Boy It depicts the relationship between Christian and his new partner Sigrid (Catherine Lovis Obstad Frederiksen), as if it were a cute romantic comedy about a couple experiencing their first moments together. Viewers have to deal with the contradiction resulting from the juxtaposition of the narrative with the fact that a man dressed as a dog constantly appears in the corner of the screen.

young composer (Charlotte HopeAfter the mysterious death of her teacher, she receives from Mosul (Julian Sands) The task of completing her final concert. He soon discovers that performing the tunes left by the deceased master has deadly consequences. It turns out that the annoying songs have a dark origin, and the evil forces that awaken them won’t disappear with the last tune played, that’s the plot of the horror movie in a nutshell. “Fuck you”.

horror “a witness” Depends on facts. The story begins when comic book artist Adam (Evan Turner) engages in verbal battles with online trolls. Soon after, the artist suffers from “sleep paralysis” and begins receiving increasingly sinister content on the Internet. Furthermore, he comes to the conclusion that he is haunted by the ghost of a dead child named David. Encouraged by his boss to continue the conversation online, Adam slowly loses control over what is fact and what is fiction…

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