Speedway race on Saturday.  Opening of the league in Poland!  Aces will ride at the Speedway in Gorzów

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Baranski / Pictured: National Motorcycle League match in Pella

Thomas Janiszewski

The Polish League 2024 will start on Holy Saturday with a match between Polonia and Colliers in Pella. In addition, there will be emotions associated with the Jancarz Monument in Gurzuf, sparring in Grudziadz and the European Championships in Gdańsk and Pardubice.

Check out what events await fans at the speedway Saturday, March 30.


National Motorcycle Racing League

Bologna Bella – Colliers Opole

The lower tier is heading into the fray, but regulatory issues remain rife with uncertainty, as we wrote about in the announcement on Friday. This also applies to, among others: a club from Grod Staszica, which has recently lost the support of its main sponsor – Enea. Bologna will enter the duel with Colliers, hoping to obtain a positive result at the inauguration ceremony, before which she had one sparring session. Opole, meanwhile… nothing, which is largely dictated by KLŻ's ridiculously early start. Start of the match S 15:00.

Monument to Eduard Jancarz in Gurzuf

Ahead is another well-attended singles tournament, which takes place before the start of the PGE Ekstraliga. After those in Częstochowa and Bydgoszcz, it's time for Gorzów Wielkopolski, where the memory of the local legend – Edward Jancarz – will be honored. The Monument crew is packed with stars, including individual world champion Bartosz Zmarzlik, Jacek Holder, Maciej Janowski, Daniel Pioli, Patrik Dudek, and the entire ebut.pl team Stal Gurzów, headed by Martin Vaculic. Emotions are guaranteed here. The beginning of the tournament o 14:00. Live text coverage on WP SportoweFakty –>


ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz – Abatur Toruń

Less than 24 hours ago, teams from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province were competing against each other in Motoarena, and now they will have a rematch in Hallera. In Torun, the hosts were in front with a time of 51:39, who will come to Grudziądz without Patrik Dudek (see above). Toruń's rivals will start sparring again with a full team. Max Fricke, Jaymon Ledesi and Vadym Tarasenko will certainly be counting on a better performance than on Friday. The beginning of the meeting S 14:00.

Watch the video: Jack Holder's unique style. “love them”

European Team Championships

B final in Gdańsk

The unofficial host of this event is Ukraine, because Poland, as host of the grand final (on April 6 in Grudziadz – editor's note), guarantees promotion ex officio. However, the national team of a country mired in war will not play first fiddle in Gdańsk. Sweden, led by Fredrik Lindgren, should be considered the favorite. Who knows, maybe Latvia or Germany, which complete the list, will surprise us. Beginning of the competition o 14:15. Live text coverage on WP SportoweFakty –>

Final in Pardubice

Any result other than a Danish victory would be considered a sensation. Manager Nicky Pedersen actually takes the strongest team to the Czech Republic, with the exception of Leon Madsen. The hosts intend to make as much noise as possible for the candidates from Scandinavia and, in the worst-case scenario, qualify for the DME Grand Final as the best second-placed team. However, the Slovenians and Norwegians will try to snatch points from the Danes and Czechs as much as possible. The latter will be driven in Pardubice by Ron Holta. The beginning of the trial of S 15:10. Live text coverage on WP SportoweFakty –>

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