a test.  What do you know about the solar system?  At 10/10 Copernicus will give you a high five

According to the latest information, the solar system was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. At the central point is the closest star to us, the Sun. There are eight planets and several dwarf planets orbiting the hot giant. Today, we no longer have to rely solely on observations from the surface of the Earth, and thanks to numerous space flights, satellites and increasingly better research methods, we know more and more about them every day.

Solar system quiz. Will you be able to answer all the questions correctly?

a test: What do you know about the solar system? At 10/10 Copernicus will give you a high five

Although it is difficult to imagine, the Sun is 109 times larger and 333 times heavier than the Earth. All objects within the solar system move around the sun in elliptical orbits. Until recently, until 2006, to be precise, Pluto was considered a planet. However, scientists began to debate whether this celestial body was too small to have the same status as the other eight. Ultimately, the International Astronomical Union removed Pluto from the list of planets, including among the so-called dwarf world. However, many scholars still have a different opinion.

Fortunately, there is more confirmed information about the solar system. Which planet is the largest? Where is the coldest temperature located and is it true that the radius of Mars is approximately half the radius of Earth? If you know the answer to these questions, be sure to participate in our questions
the exams.

a test About the solar system
The one in front of you contains ten questions, each with three answers. Your opinion is the correct choice. But be careful, the questions can be difficult. Check your knowledge level about the solar system. Only a few will get full points.

Source: Radio Zeit

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