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The specialized chemical and ecological rescue group “TARNÓW 1” is one of five such groups operating in Malopolsky District.

The group was created on the basis of the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 1 in Tarnow on the order of 2013. It currently has 71 officers.

SGRChem-Eko ‘TARNÓW 1’ performs Operational Readiness Level A – Chemical Protection.

The protected area covers the city of Tarnów and the following regions: Tarnowski, Brzeski and Dąbrowski as well as Dębicki and Mielec poviats in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

The group includes:

361[K]24 – Volvo FL280 4×4 medium fire and rescue vehicle.

Equipped with 2600L water tank, 260L foaming agent tank, 1600L/min fire pump, winch, rapid attack line, power generator, technical rescue kit, smoke extractor fan, water and foam fittings, demolition equipment, OUO device etc.

picture. KM PSP Tarnow

361[K]60 – Iveco Stralis heavy chemical rescue truck.

It has measuring equipment, rescue protection equipment, equipment for closing leaks and removing chemicals, various types of chemical pumps, tanks for collecting and transporting chemicals, pumping equipment, specialized explosion-proof equipment, pneumatic, hydraulic, and lighting equipment and many other necessary For the purposes of activities within the specialization.

picture. KM PSP Tarnow

361[K]61- Land Rover light chemical rescue vehicle.

The vehicle’s main equipment is a long-distance gaseous substance detection system.

picture. Gregory Fortuna

361[K]81 – Peugeot Boxer Light Quarter Master.

It is equipped with measuring sets, sampling sets, radioactive event equipment, decontamination set, anti-splash protective clothing, absorbent bags, bag absorbents, closed cone containers, neutralization chemicals, measurement equipment for air analysis, weather station, spectrometer.

picture. Konrad Sikorsky

361[K]91 Ford Ranger rescue and recovery vehicle.

picture. KM PSP Tarnow

Optionally, the group has a trailer with a flexible and walled oil barrier at its disposal.

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