Spaniards will work shorter hours.  No more 40-hour work weeks

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy explained that despite the reduction in the number of working hours, employees’ wages will not be reduced. Additionally, Diaz announced that in 2025, the work week will be even more limited to 37.5 hours.

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Spaniards will work shorter hours

Yolanda Diaz added that the center-left government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has already begun measures to limit weekly working hours. This means that the Spanish government is already implementing plans to reduce working hours.

According to information provided by the daily newspaper El Mundo, the decision to begin work on reducing weekly working hours comes in response to the increasing requests of employee organizations. These included demands from the largest trade unions, demanding a shorter working week.

The four-day workweek was eventually not included in 100 specific specifications Civil Coalition She presented it as her electoral program.

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