A well-known family of smartphones will disappear from the market.  Almost everyone knows that

When we say in conversation that we love Sony smartphones, we can expect a lot of reactions. From enthusiasm, to disbelief, to doubt. However, the truth is that the Xperia brand has been with us for decades and has global recognition. Unfortunately, there are many indicators that we will have to break up with her.

Sony is killing the Xperia line, but…

Weibo reports that there are major changes in the department responsible for smartphones bearing the Japanese manufacturer’s logo. Older users certainly remember that when the smartphone era was just beginning, you could buy devices bearing the Sony Ericsson logo on the market, including timeless designs that even today have many fans, such as the k800i.

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Only after some time, at the turn of 2013 and 2014, Sony bought out the shares of the Swedes and began to release devices under its brand – such as Sony Xperia. The manufacturer repeatedly changed the names of its main series and introduced many innovations to the market, which competitors later tried to capture.

If you were to create a Hall of Fame for the Xperia line, it would undoubtedly include:

– Leading Z series,

– Compact smartphones – full-fledged and slightly smaller versions of the best phones bearing the Sony logo,

– IMX matrices, which are used by many competing companies to this day.

Despite all these innovations, as well as a well-conducted Android update policy, shares of the Japanese market began to decline before our eyes. The company still maintains a smartphone division, but it serves a more analog function and doesn’t generate as much revenue. This is about to change. The key to success is… kill Xperia!

What new brand will Sony create?

The company from the Land of the Rising Sun is known for protecting its trade secrets well. At the moment, it is not known which brand will replace the aging Xperia phone. However, it seems that we can blindly assume that the last somewhat “farewell” phone from this line will be the Sony Xperia 1 VI.

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In practice this means that Change will not happen overnight – Sony is giving itself more time. We expect big changes to occur in 2025. Let us emphasize – The death of Xperia does not mean that the company, like LG, will withdraw from the mobile phone sector. It will only pass through another development. We hope you have success this time.


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