Souvenirs of an extraordinary world have been added to the Museum in Stary Sącz Stary Sącz, Museum in Stary Sącz, Attractions in Stary Sącz

First, a little reminder of who Józef Wojnarowski is.

Józef Bolesław Wojnarowski (born April 3, 1933 in Stary Sącz – Cyganowice, and died September 22, 2023 there) – Polish scientist, professor of technical sciences, specialist in the field of mechanics, dynamics of mechanical systems, construction and operation of machines, textile machines, elimination of machine vibrations , graph theory, fluid mechanics, biomechanics and mechatronics, and is an academic teacher at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Such. PhD from Donetsk National Technical University of Ukraine and Lodz University of Technology.

We've never had such a treat for history lovers! Stary Sącz underground is open

The collection includes a unique portrait of the professor painted on canvas, photographs and textbooks by him, diplomas, congratulatory letters and, most interestingly, mechanical devices made by him, which he used in his work and lecturing. Now museum staff – with the help of engineering specialists – will have to identify and describe it.

Other unique souvenirs are relics of art of which the professor was a collector: a typewriter – one of the first models, an Edison phonograph, an accounting calculator from 1922-1932, a snake, a device for sharpening a pencil, and a military angle measuring device.

There are also more personal items – photo albums showing activities and family life, a number of family documents, school certificates and loose photographs. You'll also be able to admire these treasures from November. ([email protected] Photo: UM w SS) © Copyrighted material

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