Wroclaw.  The nurse discourages vaccination.  She died, the virus killed her

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This story is horrific. A 51-year-old nurse from Wroclaw has died after contracting the coronavirus. The woman has lost the battle against COVID-19. Her colleagues say she was a staunch opponent of vaccination. She herself did not want an injection, and told her friends, including those at work, that by vaccination, they were signing a death warrant. But it is not only shocking in this dramatic story.

There was no indication that the woman might die. The nurse did not suffer from any serious chronic diseases. – She was an example of health – says her friend from the hospital Wroclaw.

The 51-year-old nurse was a beloved friend, but also a respected employee. Her professionalism can be taken as an example. But surprisingly, the hospital employee is – to put it mildly – skeptical about the epidemic. – Unfortunately, she was an anti-vaccine worker – Hear from a friend of the nurse.

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As we hear, the 51-year-old has discouraged her friends from getting vaccinated. – She said the pandemic was a conspiracy. And that people will die after the injection. She did not want to change her mind, although the doctors explained to her that vaccinations are not dangerous, on the contrary: they save lives. – Says a colleague from work.

The nurse works daily… with vaccines because they are injected at the point of vaccination!

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– In total, she did several thousand injections. However, she did not want to hear about her vaccination of herself – we learned from a colleague of the deceased woman.

Eventually she got sick COVID-19. She contracted the virus a few weeks ago. Her funeral took place recently. The coronavirus turned out to be stronger and killed the nurse. – Had she been vaccinated, she would most likely have survived – we hear.

Friend of the deceased:- After her death, her relatives, who had not been vaccinated in turn, signed up for the injection right away. They understood what a coronavirus infection could end up with. In the hospital we hope this tragic story will open the eyes of skeptics of science. O people, vaccinate! – Resumes.

employment Vaccination against COVID-19 You can make an appointment by calling 989 (this is the Ministry of Health helpline).

at the same time The latest data from the Ministry of Health is very worrying. On Friday, January 21, more than 36.6 thousand were reported. new cases of infection. COVID-19 has killed 67 people and 181 have died of comorbidities.

The coronavirus has already killed more than 103,000 Poles since the beginning of the pandemic.


COVID-19 is causing the death toll. Did that prompt you to get vaccinated?

Express Biedrzycka – Paulina Hennig-Kloska: compulsory vaccinations for the elderly

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