The policeman who opened fire on Octavio Okana's truck has already returned to work
Octavio Ohana, actor in the movie “Neighbors” (Photo: Instagram / u Cuentameloyaof)

Octavio Okana He was 22 years old when he died in a violent accident in his own truck, The exact cause of his death has not yet been clarified because his parents decided to continue the investigation and deny the official version of the causes of his death.

News of his death shocked his fans as Benito followed him in the role of Rivers Next door Actually since I was a 6 year old kid They did not even think he would die so young.

Shown various videos, photos, testimonies, official newspapers and statements about the case. A policeman shot his truck During the persecution the actor lived in the municipality Quattitlon Iscalli, State of Mexico.

Octavio Ocaña died last Saturday, October 30, after a persecution in the state of Mexico (Photo: Twitter / @ Jer346)
Octavio Ocaña died last Saturday, October 30, after a persecution in the state of Mexico (Photo: Twitter / @ Jer346)

To this day, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico After their interrogation, the suspended police officer pleaded not guilty to firing on Ohana’s vehicle because his actions were not outside the norm.

The policeman, who rejoined his operation, announced that he had opened fire Against the rear tire of the Octavio Okana truck to stop him, Which is one of the patrol missions within the municipality.

Some hypotheses about the actor’s death point to public safety factors as the person responsible for Ohana’s death, however, according to investigations by the Mexican state attorney general’s office. Benito That would have been the cause of his death as well, Because the bullet he received would have been fired by him Accidental.

Inquiries into Octavio Ohana's death are still ongoing at the request of his family (Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)
Inquiries into Octavio Ohana’s death are still ongoing at the request of his family (Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)

New films continue to emerge as the family does not accept this version and demands that the investigation continue. On this occasion, red-note journalist Carlos Jimenez released a video of Ohana’s truck just hours before he died.

According to Jimenez, the pictures will depict how the actor stood on a street to pick up one of his friends, a tailor. His last time was with Octavio.

“That’s how the Octavio Ogana got in his truck. He is going to take his friend the tailor At that moment he left, covered his partner and went with him. This is one Was with him when he died”, The spokesman wrote.

Octavio Okana as Benito in Neighbors (Photo: Screenshot:
Octavio Okana as Benito in Neighbors (Photo: Screenshot:

The video, taken from a security camera, indicates that it was October 29 at 12:00 p.m. The jeep appears in the frame as it pulls up and stops on the left side of the Cherokee pickup street. After a few minutes, a person will have entered the car and it will start rolling down the same street again.

According to the FGJ report from the state of Mexico, The Ministry of Public Works conducted interviews with two comrades, In particular, those in the passenger seat said they had consumed alcohol, and while they were driving on the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli, they were stopped by municipal police officers, however, Octavio hastened the van to avoid arrest. This caused a persecution, which extended to the Samaba-Lecheria Highway.

On the other hand, the loving actor has received all sorts of tributes from his fans, his partner, his friends, his parents and of course, the colleagues he recorded. Next door.

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