Songs that make me cry

We say we can not remove the song that creeps into our head.

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I like to call the songs that stick to my skin “heartworms”.

They are embedded there and nothing can remove them.

My cousin Evelyn is my best friend. Jean-Pierre Ferland is his favorite singer. An opportunity we got It was his favorite song.

When she died of dazzling cancer at the age of 48, I lost my cousin and my best friend at the same time. At his funeral, in the packed church, his two sisters played An opportunity we got.

what do you want? Now, every time I hear Ferland sing, I say to myself, “Luckily I got you, Evelyn.” Since Ferland was my friend when I wrote his biography, I also say to myself: “Jean-Pierre, I’m so lucky to have you”.

I’m really broken when Sylvain Lellivre says she wants “useless things that benefit us”.

Maybe it’s our favorite song. A useless thing … it makes us feel good. A melody that helps us in the most difficult times. Together, the words that bring tears to our eyes are reminiscent of the memory of a loved one.

What puts a song at the top of our personal rankings? If an author finds the words to say exactly what we think and feel, better than we can always express.

This pain in the heart occurs when you hear the cowboys singing:

“How do these poor people / go through a whole life without love?” Inside America is crying.

Or while inside StaircasePaul Piché sings: “I do not teach you anything when I say / without love we have nothing / you need to know how to be loved to help the world”.

These authors, these composers, I love them dearly. Thank you for your “heart worms”.

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