The G7 summit at Elmau Castle.  Eight, nine restaurants, no air conditioning

This year, the G7 summit will be held for the second time in the same hotel – Elmau Castle. Why is there right?

The meeting of heads of state and government of the seven major industrialized countries is held alternately in each of them: Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Great Britain and the USA. The last time on German soil, the presidents and prime ministers of the Group of Seven met in 2015 at Elmau Castle, and the next summit will be held there as well. This hotel is suitable for this type of event as there is probably no other hotel in Germany.

Elmau Castle is surrounded by picturesque meadows, forests and mountains Elmau Castle surrounded by picturesque meadows, forests and mountains / Photo. Marco Muller – Deutsche Welle

It is located in the far south of Germany, close to the border With Austria, Elmau Castle is located in a dream location and in a remote area.

– Probably no other place in Germany could be so protected as Elmau Castle; It will be very secluded but very close to everything, owner and manager Dietmar Muller-Elmau says in an interview with DW.

Munich is a 1.5 million hour drive north. You can get here quickly by carAs well as a helicopter.

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Long tradition of political exchange

If a building built between 1914 and 1916 could speak, it could tell many stories. Its builder was Johannes Müller. This philosopher, writer and theologian had a ambivalent attitude towards the Nazi regime. On the one hand, he was against anti-Semitism, and on the other hand, v Adolf Hitler Search for a leader sent by God. In a post-World War II de-Nazification trial, the Allies condemned Mueller for “glorifying Hitler in speech and writing” and the US military confiscated his castle.

After a successful appeal against the 1961 De-Nazification Chamber ruling, the Müller children became the castle’s owners. The property is now owned by Dietmar Müller-Elmau, the grandson of Johannes Müller, who has long been committed to German-Jewish dialogue and transatlantic relations. No wonder the castle has hosted many political meetings, including many secret ones.

In August 2005, the newly renovated hotel was badly damaged by a fire. The reconstruction was completed in the middle of 2007. Subsequently, the hotel received many awards as one of the best hotels in the world. However, the owner, Dietmar Müller-Elmau, always wanted more.

He wanted a hotel that would be perfect for the G7 summits. So he built another hotel next door – a smaller and more intimate one, where the large apartments are identical, so that no head of state or government feels any harm. Indeed, his wish came true. The new hotel was deemed appropriate by the German government and inaugurated its operation in 2015 with the G7 summit.

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Hideout or retreat?

There are 115 rooms and suites in the main building – it’s called the Hideaway, and it’s a good hiding place in one of the many public areas. The hotel was opened in 2015, it is located about 100 meters away, it has 47 apartments and it is called Retreat, which means that you can have a good time with yourself. Perfect for heads of state and government.

They eat together and swim together. They sleep in a small hotel with 47 rooms. Each of them has approximately five rooms at his disposal. Their partners live in the castle, as Dietmar Müller-Elmau explains.

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5 stars, 8 dishes, 9 restaurants

Regardless of whether it is a politician or a guest looking for relaxation – no one will die of hunger here. Nine restaurants, including two Michelin stars, take care of this. For gourmets, it offers an eight-course menu for 249 euros.

Despite this luxury, there is no such thing in both hotels conditioning. While the Retreat has an eco-friendly cooling system, it can lower the temperature by no more than eight degrees. There is no cooling in the Hideaway except for the evening mountain air.

The reason for the lack of conditioning is the concept of sustainability. There are also no plastic containers in the rooms. Sweets and nuts are served only in jars with a deposit. “It can be returned at any organic food store in Germany,” explains Christian Schiller of the hotel management.

Twenty percent of the electricity needs are met by the hydroelectric power plant at Khor Al-Aqar, and the rest by green electricity from the utility company. There is also a heating station here, which is largely heated with wood waste. The second will move under it End general. Then the gas becomes redundant. So if another G7 summit gets there in seven years, Elmau Castle will probably be greener.

The article comes from the site Deutsche Welle

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