Morawski Rock, Milic and Pereira.  And all the rest of Lish too! [NOTY]

The coolest thing about Lech Pozna European adventure is that Kolejorz players don’t have to reach the highest levels of their skills and do extraordinary things to win in convincing style. They are simply repetitive in their talents and inclinations. Here are the Kolejorz players’ feedback after the home match against Djurgarden. Scale: 1-10.

Notes to the Lech Poznań players after the 2:0 win over Djurgarden

Philip Bednarik 5

unemployed. As if sometimes something happened in front of his own goal, he raised his hands, soiled his shorts and gaiters, but in the end Djurgården never got a shot on goal. It will sound funny, but this is again in the knockout stage of the conference league, when Lech’s defensive teammates do the job for him.

Joel Pereira 8

Assist on goal Antonio Milic? Lick your fingers, fold your hands to clap, and bend to the waist. It’s his trademark. In the US, they say “signature move.” He has perfectly positioned feet. Professor crosses. His replication of this element of footballing finesse is truly remarkable. Quite simply impressive. He has flaws in defence, but it’s also great of his class that he can hide it so neatly. Gustav Wickheim didn’t mess with him. In fact, the Norwegian hadn’t been around Pereira for minutes. The Portuguese shook.

Philip Dagerstal 6

vigilance. Warn. focused. Avoiding mistakes in defense and adding the ball away from his team’s goal. He even advanced boldly several times, and not much came of it, but he made these leaps, spreading panic around him. Overall: fun to watch.

Antonio Milic 7

Cruel man. size. Still in the first half, something hit him and he winced in pain, but he gritted his teeth and played the match until the end at a very impressive level. Surprisingly, it is rarely appreciated, and it is very frequent in maintaining a very strong level. It is difficult to push him, he wins duels, positions himself correctly, believes wisely, does not panic with the ball at his feet. And every now and then he will carry an important target. Or: so important, as with Djurgarden, that they can only envy that such a guest sweeps through Lech’s defense.

Pedro Repocho 6

He cut himself in the first half, smelled like a Joel Assoro goal, was very lucky that Djurgården didn’t score, but for the rest of the game he doubled down to keep up with the defence, because he was known from that evening to have problems with the undeniable attacking tool in the same time. So he ran ambitiously at the back and, with Kolejorz’s actions, not only helped build movement after going inside and was buzzing on his left side, but also added a small brick to Milić’s goal when “playing” (fake movement) a free kick with Pereira.

Jasper Carlstrom 6

He won five fights out of nine captured. It counts up to twenty losses. In European cups he is usually less dominant than on Premier League courts, but you can’t accuse him of not being mobile, because he’s active, involved, regulating the pace intelligently. Of course, many of Lech’s actions miss him, because Kolejorz transfers balls from the defensive line, over the heads of the midfielders, to the flankers and forwards, but on the other hand: only Radosław Murawski touched the ball more times than the Swede. He may be satisfied. Everyone at his former club, Djurgården, knew that Karlström shines in the colors of a strong club.

Radoslaw Morawski 7

ant. hard working. active. wise. And above all: expressive. The last quality is of particular importance in this enumeration, because the performance of such “sixes” or even “eights” is often lost in the labyrinth of legs and in the riot of feelings of congruence. Murawski ruled in the middle of the field. Clean everything up. From the truth to the left. He won five out of eight duels on the ground. And three out of five are in the air. acting performance. seriously. seriously. We are not exaggerating.

Afonso Souza 4

He still hasn’t unleashed his full potential. He can play football. This leaves no room for doubt. He receives the ball and runs it through the line, sees a satisfying and fulfilling lot on the field, sets his foot with care and kindness, and has surprisingly good ideas, but there are still some wrong notes in all of this. With Djurgarden, he was a little energetic at first, then botched two actions in a row and begged for a change with his whole being.

Michael Skouras 6

He is more and more positively rude. And this dribbling, this little roulette, this scrolling in a cross-legged leg, this shimmering smile, these are the traces of the good months on the national and international stage—an effortless confidence rather than an excessive irritation. It’s also great that he’s far from a field star. He is not selfish. Back to defense. resides in the composition. He’s looking for passes. He grabs the attention of defenders, for example with Milic’s goal. It works on transfer. Refer: to the success of Lech.

Philip Szymczak 6

It has clearly evolved over the past few months. No longer was a lost boy in the first Lich team extravagant a bit, promising something he was not yet able to guarantee. He wants to take charge, get out for the ball, get into duels, and shoot on goal. It was a good match for him. Defensively and offensively, amen.

Michael Isaac 6

fight. he was driving. He was driving. He participated. Actively participate in the game. Several times he came back too deep, so later he lost in the penalty area, but this also contributed to the fact that Djurgården created ridiculously few chances in front of the Lech goal. We’ve known since time immemorial that he’s the type of striker who doesn’t need a target to be useful. And so it was this time.

Adriel Ba Loua – Play Too Short

John van den Broome has an idea for that. The Dutch coach of the Polish champions uses the energy and unpredictability of a rider who has often been likened to a headless horseman wisely to implement his short-term tactical ideas. The Ivorian entered the pitch, was instrumental in double Gustav Wickheim and off Oliver Berge, then added an assist for Philippe Marchewynski.

Filip Marchwiński – He played for a very short time

Lechia Gdansk? Come off the bench and help. Djurgarden? Come off the bench and score. I started unscrewing the screws. May the transformation come from an increasingly unrealized talent into a serious footballer.

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