Something strange is sending a powerful mysterious signal from a cluster of seven galaxies

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are very short, very strong radio signalsWhich reaches us from the depths of space. It poses a real mystery to scientists because it is not known what its source is. Interestingly, the first such signal was detected only in 2007. As the researchers suggest, its possible sources may be black holes and neutron stars.

After conducting detailed analyses, this became clear FRB 20220610A's glow comes from within a cluster of seven galaxies. The researchers suggest that interactions between these giant structures may be important in causing these types of flares.

Previous analyzes have shown that fast radio bursts do not come from widely accepted and proposed sources and are therefore likely A new type of source confounds astrophysicists.

As Dr. Alexa Gordon of Northwestern University says: – Without the imaging that is done with it Habla It will remain a mystery whether this fast radio burst comes from a single, homogeneous galaxy or from some kind of interacting system. It is these types of environments – exotic environments – that lead us to better understand the mystery of fast radio bursts.

Initial imaging showed that the signal came from an “amorphous cosmic bubble.” However, after a closer look, it turns out that this spot consists of up to seven very tightly packed galaxies. They could all fit into our Milky Way Galaxy.

Their location so close to each other means that they interact with each other in a certain way. Scientists suggest that if stars are forming in rapid succession in these galaxies, this may be the case One explanation for the formation of such powerful fast radio bursts.

– There are some signs of interaction between group members. In other words, they could be “commercial material” or in the process of being merged. These groups of galaxies are called compact clusters. These are extremely rare environments in the universe It is the densest structure known in the galaxy, says astrophysicist Wen-Fei Fong of Northwestern University.

He adds: – With a larger sample of distant fast radio bursts, we can start Study the development of FRB “And their original characteristics, and linking them to closely related characteristics, and perhaps beginning to identify more exotic populations,” says Dong.

With the development of more and more modern telescopes, comes better image resolution and more detailed analyzes of the universe, scientists say. In the coming years, we should learn more about these mysterious signals coming from the depths of space.

The research results were published on the scientific platform Preprint arXiv.

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