Will a solar storm "turn off" the internet worldwide?  One condition must be met

solar storm It is basically a magnetic storm. Then a massive flux of magnetic radiation is emitted from the Sun and interacts with other cosmic bodies, including the Earth itself.

Our planet has its own the magnetic fieldWhich, in a way, protects us from the most harmful effects of solar storms. When the radiation dose interacts with the Earth’s field, then we can watch the famous twilight at higher latitudes.

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Large solar storms can disrupt radio signals and GPS, but this is not yet mentioned in the headline “Turning Off” the Internet. For this to happen, they must be damaged Transport cables that run under the surface of the oceans and connect all continents by telecommunication.

Will the solar storm shut down the Internet? Yes, if it is strong enough and damage the transmission cables

According to experts from Live ScienceThere is a possibility that the solar storm will be so powerful that it will generate an electric field that will travel across the surface of the Earth’s crust. Then the operation of transmission cables may be disturbed, more precisely the operation of speakers placed on the cables every 50-145 kilometers. If they stop working, then we can talk about a real “internet blackout”.

It should be noted that there are several known cases in which coronal mass ejections from the sun have paralyzed communications in several regions of the world. For example, in March 1989, a magnetic storm cut off the electricity grid in Quebec, Canada – 6 million people were without electricity for 9 hoursWhich had serious economic consequences for the region.

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Let’s not forget that there are hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth, including starlinkyWhich, as the scientists reassure, will not be affected by the www if it is damaged.

However, scientists are paying attention to developing better and better ways to predict solar storms. Only then can we be more prepared for the effects of the magnetic wave.

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