“Us” an Oscar nominee?  Comedy about post-communism in cinemas all over Poland from today!

It’s today! In Poznań, in Rialto, in Malta, in Bulgarska, in Helios cinemas. In Warsaw in the cinemas Atlantic, Luna and Ogazdowski. In Krakow, at the Kygo cinema (September 1, there will be a screening in the largest cinema hall in Poland with the participation of the film’s heroes). In Wroclaw, at the New Horizons cinema. In Gdynia at the Gdynia Film Center. In Lodz at the Charlie’s cinema. In Katowice at the Światowid Cinema. In Lublin, at the Bajka cinema. In Rzeszow at Cinema Zorza. In Olsztyn at the Auengarda Cinema. In Cieszyn at Cinema Piast. In Nowy Sącz at the Sokół Cinema. In Zakopane at the Miejsce cinema. In Ruda Śląska in Patria Cinema. In Włoszczowa at the Muza cinema. In Wilbronn at Joy Cinema. In Wągrowiec in youth culture.

Why does the film deserve an Oscar, according to Slicecki? “Dynamically and engagingly realized. Fascinating from the start, and feelings grew as the work progressed. Laughter was intertwined with reflection and constant admiration for the cultural and social phenomenon that it undoubtedly was. With admiration for its extraordinary heroes – with the original and brilliant Piotr Lisiewicz in the main role.” What’s so funny about a post-communist show? “June 4 (1989) is, on the one hand, a step towards a free Poland, but at the same time it is a period of transformation and dyeing. The consolidation and transformation of the former dictatorship into democrats who formerly enslaved Poland. It was a time of extraordinary miracles. And from Sunday to Monday, I was transformed Wolves into sheep still roam the Polish landscape, sowing confusion and chaos.

The Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film is an award presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States since 1942. Nominations are given to a specific film director and producer by members of the Academy’s Documentary Division, elected. by the Academy’s Board of Directors. Producer Arthur Cohn, who has received the award three times, has won the most statuettes in this category. Two-time award winners are: Simon Chen, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Walt Disney, Rob Epstein, Marvin Hare and Barbara Koppel.

Mieczysław Ślesicki is the author of the novels The Nest, The Hostage, The Failure, Under the Plane Tree, Reconnaissance and The Dome. Arrested during martial law, he was held in detention centers on Młyńska Street in Poznań, Wrocław, Sieradze, Kalisz, and Wroclaw.

And this is how it was during the premiere at the Atlantic Cinema in Warsaw:

source: niezalezna.pl,

Magdalena Nowak

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