Some retirees must report their earnings to the ZUS.  Time until the end of February
  • People who receive extra money during early retirement should remember to report their earnings to the ZUS.
  • The maximum additional income changes every three months and depends on the average salary.
  • From December 2023 to February 2024, the total limit is 5036.50 PLN.

As points out, Obligation to inform ZUS Regarding the bonus amounts received Retirees and retireeswho have not reached general retirement age, in 2023 They made income. This applies to wages received under a classic employment contract, as well as a contract of authorization or a contract of income from running a business.

The website states that the obligation also applies to retirees and pensioners Who kept ZUS informed of their profitable activity. The additional income adjustment also applies to those who earned it last year They worked abroad. – Information about income is needed to settle the benefit paid. To enable early retirement or annuity to be settled in the most advantageous way, This person must provide a certificate of the amount of profits achieved in certain months. The benefit can be settled annually or monthly. – explains Beata Kupczynska, regional spokeswoman for ZUS in the Silesian Voivodeship, whose words were quoted by the portal.

The company settles retirees who earn extra money on the basis of: Certificates from institutions a job Or income declarationsProvided by people who run the business. On its basis, revenues are compared with marginal revenue amounts for the year 2023 or revenue amounts for individual months in 2023.

– Revenue settlement duty. Working retirees and early retirees Valid border quantities, which they can complement their benefits. – says Beata Kupczynska. Do not forget After taking up paid workIn some cases, cash benefit from ZUS may be reduced or even suspended.

– If the additional profits do not exceed 70%. The average monthly salary, and the pension will be paid in full. However, if they exceed this limit, the benefit is provided reduced. But after exceeding the second threshold, i.e. 130%. Average salary, benefits payment remains for a given month hanging – explains the regional spokeswoman for ZUS in the Silesian Province.

Let us also remember that this obligation does not apply to retirees who have reached general retirement age or to people receiving a partial pension.

It should be noted here that there are income limits for people who receive additional money upon early retirement They change every 3 months. It is closely related to average height compensation In economics. From December 2023 to February 2024 Profits up to a total of PLN 5,036.50 will not affect the amount BENEFITS OF ZUS.

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