Former president Gra¿yna Piotrowska-Oliwa talks about Sasin's appreciation.  PGNiG: It is impossible to explain how a single tweet of the Deputy Prime Minister could overestimate the Polish stock exchange

A week ago, the Ministry of State Assets announced on Twitter that it would tax windfall profitsin.

The mere announcement of a new tax sent shares of energy companies up on the stock exchange. The WIG20 index fell more than 100 points, to the level of 1433 points, rebounding for a few days and declining again on Friday, this time to 1377 points.

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Is a tax on excess profits for energy companies a good idea?

Ex-President of PGNiG Criticizes Sassin Tax

Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa spoke on TVN24It “may not surprise anyone that we are once again dealing with ongoing adjustments to the subsequent legal kickbacks, the Additional Price Related Subsidies Act.” energyCorrections after corrections and very fast processing time. I think we as Poles are used to that.”

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Then she indicated the entry Sasinain which he confirmed that he directed the draft tax on windfall profits to the first show Matthews Moravekego. Piotrowska-Oliwa reported the entry from Sunday, but on that day the Deputy Prime Minister did not write anything, so it can be assumed that it is about this Saturday’s entry:
“Yesterday I sent Prime Minister Morawiecki a solution on the taxation of extraordinary profits of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. The estimated impact on the budget is 13.5 billion PLN, which we will spend on mitigating the effects of higher energy prices,” Sasin wrote.

The events related to the so-called Sassin tribute are already inexplicably ridiculous for the capital markets, the London Stock Exchange or New York, investors who cannot understand how a single tweet of the Deputy Prime Minister on Sunday can overestimate the Polish stock exchange

– Piotrowska-Oliwa commented.

She also said that immediately from WSE, she’ll check who and how he was playing into the dips when Sassin posted his tweet about taxing corporations with a 50 percent tax.

Someone got huge money, because the stock market fell by 47 billion. In addition, the state treasury that day sold 2 percent. Orlen shares of PZU and through Sasin’s tweet, PZU paid 80 million less for these shares, so the state treasury lost this amount

– said the former head of PGNiG.

The Sassin windfall tax has not been officially announced

A week has passed since the first announcement of the Sassin tax. Despite the huge confusion that appeared with the announcement of this greetingWe still don’t know officially how it will be built. – After a few days, neither we nor the investors know how much anyone will pay, and above all, when and how, because there is a war in the government – commented Piotrowska-Oliwa.

On Thursday, some details about the Sassin tax were provided by Deputy Minister of State Assets Andrei Alyoka – Writes portal The tribute must be paid by large corporations, especially foreign companies and state treasury companies, which in 2022 generated gross profits from margins above the average earnings for the period 2018-2021. The tax base shall be the consolidated results of the whole group, and to income The state will have to deduct half of the profits from the margin.

We want to set up an incentive mechanism compWhich will bring extraordinary profits this year will be allocated to investments in key development prospects and strategic security sectors, for example energy, food or military security – Alyuca knows.

Earlier, “Rzeczpospolita” decided that the new The tax is provided to all companies that employ more than 250 people and have an annual turnover of more than 50 million euros.

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