NASA will send this strange craft to the moon and Mars

Explore our planet’s natural lunar surface It will be done using the latest and most advanced technology ever devised by mankind. NASA engineers have always had their visions for this arduous task, and one of the results of their work is the design of a new large manned rover.

Since the surface of the Moon and Mars is full of boulders, stones and craters covered with dust, the best way to navigate around it would be in a special vehicle, which would not be afraid of such harsh and harsh conditions. According to NASA’s plan, it is supposed to be a spacecraft. The astronauts will have at their disposal all the necessary tools, equipment and supplies, as well as accommodation.

The manned craft will also be home to advanced robotics, which will not only support the work done by the astronauts, but will also carry out their missions on the surface for research purposes. On the Apollo missionsOn the Moon, astronauts moved in fairly simple rover vehicles. Now, when it comes to extensive exploration and preparation for building the first bases, the vehicles must meet much greater requirements.

If such unique compounds prove to be present on the natural satellite of our planet, they will also appear on the surface of Mars. NASA just started New tests for your already-honored car In a rocky area north of Flagstaff, Arizona. The astronauts not only traveled in this spacecraft, but also spent the night in it. Tests have shown that this means of transportation can be very useful during the colonization of foreign globes.

People spent two nights in the rover Omar Bakdash, a NASA engineer involved in the manned craft project, said he and three days traversed the entire lava flow, conducting real geological surveys while speaking to Mission Control in Houston and actually simulating a lunar mission.

NASA’s vehicle is equipped with six independently controlled wheels. Each of them can be lowered and placed in different positions, which will facilitate the overcoming of difficult terrain. inhabited alone The capsule can accommodate several astronauts and search equipment. Scientists also did not forget to ensure safety from regolith and radiation.

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