slag.  The ROW leader responds to Pieszczek’s words.  What about this atmosphere?

WP SportoweFakty/Anna Kubuka/Photo: Patrick Hansen

Lucas Kuchera

Krystian Pieszczek added fuel to the fire during a TV interview when he mentioned that ROW Rybnik is not a team. Patrick Hansen referred to his words after the game. The captain of the “sharks” has a slightly different opinion on this matter.

– We will not look like the team in the next matches if there is such an atmosphere in which one of the best players in the team is replaced after his departure and is accused of blocking his teammate and thus bringing three points, not zero – said Krystian Pieszczek on Canal + Sport 5 during the match between ROW Rybnik and Enea Falubaz Zielona Góra.

The Sharks player had a grudge against the coaching staff, because after 2 races, when he had 3 points on his account, he was replaced by teammates. The stewards ultimately lost Thursday’s duel 38:52, and after the last race we asked Patrick Hansen for comment on his teammate’s words.

“For sure, if he had such views, we wouldn’t be a team,” Hansen told us, who emphasized that personally he always tries to look out for his teammate, and as captain I feel a special responsibility for ROW in the 2023 season.

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“People who know me and see my drive know the team is important to me. I’m always looking out for my track mates, I want to help. That’s the adrenaline. Christian trained a lot, worked hard and didn’t make it in the second round. She was substituted and was she good? I don’t know, we won’t judge.” on him “.

ROW was losing in their Thursday match from the start, and Enea Falubaz took control of the situation. That’s why coach Anthony Skobich started using tactical maneuvers very quickly. Was it understandable to the players? – I did not understand how successful these exercises were from a tactical point of view. They succeeded at Ostro, so you have to take a risk and do something. I was so focused on setting myself up that I didn’t watch all the races. Now I have to go home and slowly analyze all this, draw conclusions, – Hansen commented.

Captain Sharks realizes that the end result is not satisfactory. The results speak for themselves. The path was the same for everyone. Maybe not as we would like, but at this time of year the weather does its thing and you have to adapt to it. He said the guests did a great job.

Now Rybnik awaits a distant skirmish with Abramczyk’s Polonia Bydgoszcz. “Gryfy” is another candidate for promotion to the PGE Ekstraliga, so it may turn out that ROW Rybnik will start the 2023 season in the premier speedway league with three defeats.

“We all have to go home, analyze this game because there is a lot of adrenaline at the moment. It will be fine and as a captain I will do my best to help the boys. I wanted to congratulate the juniors for a good performance against Valopaz because it is positive. We had a great training where I wasn’t On the bike but I was helping them You can see they want it a lot – summed up Hansen.

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