Problems before flights in Oberstdorf.  Tests have been cancelled

Ski jumpers enjoy a weekend of competition on “Mammoth.” The World Cup is coming to Oberstdorf. Although teams are slowly making their way to Germany, it was only a few days before the first competition that event organizers got the go-ahead. Unfavorable weather delayed preparations for the facility. Fortunately, the activists were able to overcome the rain and temperatures exceeding zero. “Hats off, it took a lot of manual labor” – The technical delegate of the Islamic Salvation Front, Andreas Bauer, announced.

Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan. The most affected were the joint Al-Shamal aircraft, which faced a great opportunity to fly beyond the 200-meter limit.

Thomas Thornbichler after qualifying in Lake Placid. video /Press materials/Press materials

Weather torpedo plans. Testing on the ski jump hill has been cancelled

Weather problems affected almost all of Central Europe. Temperatures hover around 10 degrees plus rainfall, making it very difficult to hold ski jumping competitions. The competition in Villach has already been cancelledNow consolidators in the Nordic countries have taken a hit.

They had a test day planned on a giant ski jumping hill. It is true that biathlete specialists rarely have the opportunity to compete in such a facility, in fact nothing of the kind happens, but such an opportunity has appeared in Oberstdorf. Unfortunately, the weather forced organizers to cancel the tests.

Despite almost round-the-clock fighting, it was not possible to prepare the facility. The Ski Jumping World Cup weekend competitions remain the priority, and the ski jumpers had to do so with enthusiasm, as that is perhaps the most accurate description.

Johannes Lamberter/George Hochmuth/France Press agency

The young star is still waiting. He wants to achieve his dream

One of the people most disappointed by this turn of events is the Austrian star Johannes Lamberter. The 22-year-old combined skater, one of the most talented competitors in recent years, did not hide the fact that he dreamed of flying on the ice and crossing the magic 200-meter barrier. He has waited a long time to take the tests in Oberstdorf and cannot regret postponing his dream again.

My big goal is to fly over 200 meters one day

~Lamparter said before the tryouts.

This time he won't be able to do it, but…

However, postponed tests are not completely cancelled. Maybe Lamberter will be able to fulfill his dream of flying on ice while skating World Cup Finals Jump on Monster Hill in Planica, Slovenia (March 22-24).

Johannes Lamberter – Winner of the Nordic Combined Crystal Globe Award/Antti Hämäläinen/Magazine Image/France Press agency

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