slag.  The former director of Fallopaz has no doubts.  The club is fighting not only for promotion, but also for the future [WYWIAD]

Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra, despite his problems, is still in the match for promotion to PGE Ekstraliga. As Jacek Frątczak points out, the stakes are especially high. In his opinion, failure could portend very lean years for the club.

Bogomic Borczyk

Falopaz Zielona Gora players

WP SportoweFakty / Łukasz Forysiak / Pictured: Falubaz players in Zielona Góra

Bogumił Burczyk, WP SportoweFakty: Much is said about the glitches of the Stelmet Falubaza Zielona Góra. There has been a lot of controversy this season And the low. MotoMyszy will be upgraded to PGE Ekstraliga, but the competition is awake and the atmosphere isn’t helping.

Jacek Fraccak, former director of Valopaz Zielona Gora and Apatór Torun: Let’s start with the facts. In terms of this team’s status, they finished the main round in second place. However, he starts from the highest hand when it comes to play-offs. The opponent will be H. Skrzydlewska Orzeł Łódź and the game starts over. Odds are that Fallopase will actually enter this stage from sixth position. Of course, the team’s leadership style and the style of disappointing victories and defeats do not inspire optimism. Needless to say, it has a very negative non-athletic effect.

What exactly?

Tough negotiations. Undoubtedly, this team is capable of entering PGE Ekstraliga, but it will be very difficult to build a team for such a difficult game. Everyone is now talking and negotiating. For now, Zielona Góra’s team is still seen as a candidate for promotion, though not necessarily clear. This does not attract players, they are starting to lack interest and there is a problem.

Watch the video He betrayed the problems of the three union leaders. unexpected problem

However, the upgrade opportunities are still there and I would like to focus on that. What is the method before Stelmet Falubaz?

Not easy, maybe bumpy. Three teams are talking loudly about the promotion, and their teams are showing that they have arguments in support of it. First of all, you have to enter the playoffs well. Trust me, this is an absolute priority. I’m not even talking about the fact that after the quarter-finals, a new small table will be created and teams will be formed on its basis. The crucial stage of the season is a new hand. The team says to itself: What was behind us, now there are new matches. If we don’t play well with them, we have a problem that others follow, like losing a seed and a stronger opponent in the semi-finals.

What can turn into a lot problemBecause competitors are awakeBecause, Ditto pmentionedAnd the It has great potential too also seriously They are thinking of upgrading.

exactly. Three teams are stronger than the rest. This means that the two of them will have to meet each other in the semi-finals. It is better not to tempt fate and avoid it. It is easier to win with a very difficult draw than by two, it is quite obvious. So there is a lot to fight for and I think Fallopase’s motivation will never run out. Like I said, what was of secondary importance. The old truth says that you are as good as your last game.

And that turned out to be very difficult for Zielona Góra. In addition, it ended in an unexpected defeat with the already degraded Gniezno players.

This is the other side of the coin. The period between the previous slip and playoff matches is relatively short and there is no time to improve. However, my grandmother said it was for two people. In the case where a promotion entrepreneur has an accident at work, players are eager to replay the match as soon as possible and prove to the audience that it means nothing. Many factors influence the end result, for example the day-to-day disposition that begins to play a major role in the sport.

Pictured: Timo Lahti, Adrian Gaya, Max FrickPictured: Timo Lahti, Adrian Gaya, Max Frick

So who is most likely to be promoted?

If we play math and work with numbers, this is the situation. We have three candidates for promotion, clubs Bydgoszcz, Zielona Gora and Krosno. We divide one hundred percent into three equal parts, and we already know the result of this procedure. I think everyone has equal opportunities.

The atmosphere around Valopaz is unlikely to help in the fight for the highest goals. Piotr Żyto . launch extensione by Patrick Doddick Held in Toruń Immediately for two years. Recently, Matthews Tonder refused to drive …

The decision to dismiss is taken by the president. As far as I know, the coach hasn’t made any exemptions, he’s been able to work. The council decided that and no other. Is this good? You may have a number of doubts. Certainly some players were surprised by this move. A member of the staff in an interview with Radio Zielona Góra, gave the opinion after the match in Gniezno that Piotr Żyto did his job well. It definitely feeds thought. We certainly don’t know everything. Many things will not see the light of day. The club had its reasons and the coach was not fired in this way. As for Patrick Doddick, I’m not going to talk about any acids or that kind of thing.

Because of the uncertain future of Fallopase?

Patrick is now a competitor for For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń and I believe his decision was made without any connection to Fallopase. If he decides, it is for his own good and I will not compare him, God forbid, to finances. However, when it comes to Mateusz Tonder, there is definitely something wrong here. After all, a competitor cannot refuse to ride too much.

Yet it happened.

I think this is the result of rash decisions. Sometimes this happens when a very strong substitute is competing for the first team. After all, he also wants to lead, earn money and help the team. And we have a problem.

Do you think it can confuse players?

As well as thinking about the atmosphere. Negative of course, because the competitor who wants to go and does not get a chance, unintentionally spoils it, and flaunts his dissatisfaction. Of course, this is also not a determining factor, but when the expected results are not there either, things go wrong. I’m in favor of a solution where there are five seniors, everyone knows when to go and that’s it. Before the competition, there is a program in which motorcyclists analyze their starts and prepare for specific areas. Then there’s the kind of racing kick that breaks the rhythm and does more harm than good.

Pictured: Matthews TonderPictured: Matthews Tonder

Difficult realizationUh Important project in Forest of unsnasias and understatement, after Additionally, yes Strong competition. OKAtmosphere seems to be a priority.

This is what I do not agree with. I have a clear attitude to the atmosphere, which my experience has shown has always found its basis in reality. Well, when there are results, there is atmosphere, and when there are no results there is no atmosphere either. These are the professionals who want to do their job, which is to win. When it does not work out for them, you can guess for yourself what the climate will be like.

This is the moment to launch Piotr Żyta it was goody? Team Covering people with less experiencein which cI Currently big responsibility. One with the former presidentwho – which He told me that the past in training means nothing and it is not enough to run in the parking lot to lead the team afterwards.

This is the CEO’s decision and his assessment will come after the season. Mr. Wojciech Domagia has acted honestly and has taken it upon himself. Everyone deserves a chance, and if they don’t take advantage of it, it’s time to settle scores. I have no doubt that sacking the coach at this point in the season was not a good decision. I won’t do that no matter the circumstances.

Especially since there is so much at stake.

Huge, bigger than you think. The risk is very high, because I think that if fallopase does not progress now, he will have a big problem. Max Frick is leaving, and possibly also Krzysztof Buczkowski. So the club must do everything in its power to enter PGE Ekstraliga again, or else the lean years could be at Zielona Góra. I get the impression it’s not just a battle for the here and now. I don’t know if this is really the most important moment in Fallopase history. If not, then surely in the past several years. It’s a club with a giant tradition, and it doesn’t know what will happen when it gets stuck in the first league.

This is it Briefly, It can be said that Zielona Góra has its problems and it doesn’t the colorThis, but a chanceAnd the Still upgradable ExistingAnd the and presents it AbilityThis is in the players.

I think this is a good summary. I would like to put it very briefly.

Interview with Bogumił Burczyk and WP SportoweFakty

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