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slag.  Steel - PSŻ.  Pawe disaster of the month.  Big controversy in Rzeszów! [RELACJA]

slag. Steel – PSŻ. Pawe disaster of the month. Big controversy in Rzeszów! [RELACJA]

Texom Stal Rzeszów lost in the third round of the Second MotoGP League against SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań 42:48. In the home team, Paweł Miesiąc, who wrote all the zeros next to his name, left the terrible competition. Krcmar and Lampart also led below expectations.

Simon Michalsky

Paweł Miesiąc (right) and Krzysztof Buczkowski

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Pictured: Paweł Miesiąc (right) and Krzysztof Buczkowski

For Texom Stal Rzeszów, this was the first meeting on his track this season. The cranes in the first round were facing the OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole, but unfavorable weather conditions stood in the way of this competition. Thus, on April 23, the residents of Rzeszów left their first league competition in front of their fans.

However, the beginning of the meeting with SpecHouse PSŻ Pozna was not considered successful by the hosts. In each of the first four runs, the Rzeszow Nationals reached the finish line in fourth place. As a result, after the fourth race, Texom Stal lost 9:15.

At the start of the second streak, the hosts seemed to be back in the match. In the fifth race, Eduard Krcmar and Dawid Lampart started brilliantly, but the latter initially lost his position to Rune Holty, then was overtaken by Kevin Fajfer in the “chalk”, and after a moment he fell on the track.

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We had to wait for the next motorway vibes, because there was an electrical problem at the stadium in Rzeszow. The air began to descend from the inflatable bands, so it was not possible to continue the competition. After about 15 minutes we went back to the competition.

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Fans sitting on the field in Rzeszow were rubbing their eyes in amazement when, in the seventh round, the guest star, Olivier Boszkiewicz, outperformed Bauwe Mesic, who after two swaps had “kindergarten” in his name. When we add the fact that Dawid Lampart can “bragged” the same score, the score on the scoreboard was no surprise (15:27).

Spouses Kevin and Wilbert – Hubert Ogwick, who scored a double win at the finish line in the ninth race, put hopes in the hearts of Rzeszow fans. But this was not enough for interested guests. In the home team, only the aforementioned duo lived up to expectations.

During the breaks, Texom Staley players in conversations with Matthew Kudzyrski of Channel + said that preparations for this meeting were not easier due to the weather. The hosts wandered around the Rzeszów oval like children in the mist. The contestants at PSŻ Poznań gave the impression that they were competing on their own track.

David Lambert woke up in the eleventh race. But at the last turn of this race, a fatal fall occurred with the participation of Kevin Favre and Hubert Ajovic. SpecHouse PSŻ competitor Poznań drove the opponent’s rear wheel, after which both players got to know the surface of the track. Łęgowik’s fall looked much worse, because he could not jump off the motorcycle and crash into the inflatable skating rink with him.

After the host’s double victory in the thirteenth heat, Txum Stal reduced the losses to four points. There was a great deal of controversy in the candidate’s first round. Dawid Lampart was responsible for causing Rune Holty to fall, although it was hard to see any fault on the part of the host player.

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– I think everyone can see what is happening on this path. I was the engine up front, it wasn’t my fault Ron couldn’t choke. The referee makes this decision at this point in the match. How do I know what’s going on behind? – The nervous David Lamparte said on channel + Sport 5.

In the end, the match ended with a score of 42:48. In the visiting team, the most effective player was the young Francis Justus – winner of 13 points.

punctuation marks:

Txom Stal Rzeszow – 42 points
9. Hubert Ajovic – 12 + 3 (3.2.2*, 2.2*, 1*)
10. Bawi month – (0.0, -, -)
11. Edward Krakmar – 6 (0,1,1,2,2)
12. David Lambert – 6 (0, in, -, 3.3, in)
13. Kevin Wolpert – 14 + 1 (2,3,2,3,2*, 2)
14. Michel Korzitec – 4 (3,1,0,0)
15th. Matthews Magscher – (0, -, t)

SpecHouse PSŻ Poznan – 48 points
1. Kasper Gomolsky – 7 (2,2,1,1,1)
2. Robert Schmeel – 2 + 1 (1,1 *, 0, -, -)
3. Ron Holta – 6 + 2 (1*, 2*, 3.0, -)
4. Kevin Favre – 7 (3,3,1 inch, -)
5. Jonas Seifert-Salk 10 (3.3 inch, 1.3)
6. Francis Justus – 13 + 1 (2.2*, 3.3.3)
7. Olivier Boszkiewicz – 3 + 1 (1*, 1.1.0)

Running after running:
1. (65.51) Łęgowik, Gomólski, Holta, Krcmar – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (66.35) Curzytek, Gusts, Buszkiewicz, Majcher – 3:3 – (6:6)
3. (65.49) Seifert Salk, Wilbert, Shmiel, Leopard – 2:4 – (8:10)
4. (66.01) Fajfer, Gusts, Curzytek, Month – 1:5 – (9:15)
5. (65.51) Fajr, Holta, Karkmar, Fahd (at) – 1:5 – (10:20)
6. (66,24) Woelbert, Gomólski, Chmiel, Curzytek – 3:3 – (13:23)
7. (66.04) Seifert-Salk, Łęgowik, Buszkiewicz, MM – 2:4 – (15:27)
8. (67.04) Holta, Wilbert, Favre, Corzitec – 2:4 – (17:31)
9. (67.32) Woelbert, Łęgowik, Gomólski, Chmiel – 5:1 – (22:32)
10. (66.86) Ghosts, Agwick, Karkmar, Sivert-Salk (W) – 3:3 – (25:35)
11. (66.31) Leopard, Łęgowik, Gomólski, Fajfer (in) – 5:1 – (30:36)
12. (65.74) Ghosts, Karkmar, Buszkiewicz, Magsher

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